April 5, 2007

A Blog in which I say "Banana Bread anyone?"

Happy Birthday to a fellow Blogger; Angry Ballerina.

I made some Banana Bread for the occasion, want some. It's nice and moist, now. (See the picture on the left)

A Blog by Me has become one of my favorites, because her "rantambles" are much like the voices in my head. She's angry, moody, caffeinated, fast-driving, shoe buying, and spiritually-confused, much like myself, but I'm a middle-aged, grumpy, delusional, health freak man, people expect that from me.

I like her taste in music, also, well, except for Goldfrapp. (That's a lie, I like that music, I just won't admit it publicly. EEEEEEPPPPPP!, I just did) Alison Goldfrapp looks like an Angry girl herself.

Banana Bread


Peacechick Mary said...

Banana bread looks good. I might even snatch it out of the dogs mouth and run, run like hell.

Mary said...

Too funny.

angry ballerina said...

Awww nick! your so sweet! thanks so much!!!!

you know you love manson too.....

BBC said...

Right, "spiritually confused", you nailed that one. No point in you being of God is there? Buy stuff, spoil yourselves, ruin the earth, what do you care?

Just saying.

So how is that working out for you?

cbb said...

Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!
Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!

We'll destroy all, and your pretty little kitties, too.

Mel Balsamo said...

Oh, Happy Birthday dear Angry Ballerina! I wonder how that banana bread tastes! I want one too! Did you make it by yourself? Have some magic recipe in there? I hope you won't mind posting it here. I love bananas that's why. I actually envy this pretty dog for having eaten your specially-made banana bread!

Mel Balsamo