April 9, 2007

If I Were A Blogger

Yesterday, as I was scanning the "interweb" for the information on Jesus Christ Superstar music for my Easter Jesus post, I was reminded that the director of that movie, Norman Jewison, also directed my favorite musical of all time, Fiddler on the Roof.

The story for the musical, was adapted from Sholom Aleichem's Jewish folk tales about family, faith, tradition, and the persecution of the Jews in nineteenth century Russia. The stories of Tevya the Dairyman and his daughter's are even better than the movie, but without the music.

One my favorite scenes in the movie is when Reb Tevya is talking to G-d, and pondering his fate of being a poor farmer. If I Were A Rich Man, was adapted from Sholom's folk tale If I Were A Rothschilds.

[Jewish Punk Music Version]

I don't have anything philosophical to relate to this song, I just enjoy the movie and the music. I understand the voices in Reb Tevya's head.

"Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum"

Ok, Time for a deluded old man to throw some shit.


Nancy aka BSB said...

Good morning!

I haven't seen either the musical or the movie. Should I try to rent the movie? Is it worth it??

I watched "The New World" this weekend. I was surprised how much history goes into those movies. Pocahontas truly existed, huh? Obviously they romanced it a little but it was still interesting to see how white folks truly took over the Natives'land.

Like it or not, people have been cruel through out time. Like it or not, we may want to make a difference but we humans are what we are. End of story. ;-)

Have a great day my friend!


P.S. Unfortunately I can't comment on some people's blogs because I don't have a blogger account. Not that I don't want to.

Peacechick Mary said...

All this time, I didn't know he was saying Yubby dibby dum. Gosh, if I had known that, I would have been shocked, shocked I tell you! I do understand and wonder if I would be any different had I been born into a super wealth crowd. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - Yeah, the Natives fate is tragic here, white Europeans who stole this land are still trying to assimulate the world.

I highly recommend "Fiddler". I have family that still talk the way Tevya did, maybe that's why I can relate to much of it. Love ya, girl, XOXOXOXXXO

peacechick - Sometimes being rich has nothing to do with wealth, but rather the favors life has given you. I have been blessed to be that kind of rich man.

azgoddess said...

thanks for the musical interlude this fine morning! hope this past weekend met all of your expectations...

(am i tooo happy feeling better here? grin)

i do hope you got a good run in this weekend -- now that the weather is getting warmer!

Pam said...

Hey Nancy - sorry that I blocked anonymous comments on my blog. It was necessary at the time. Maybe I'll remove it later today, if I am feeling brave.

It's been years since I've seen Fiddler. It may be worth a re-watch!

Nancy aka BSB said...

Sounds great Pam, I'll be sure to drop by... your kids looked absolutely adorable on Easter.. ;-)

nancy aka bsb said...

oopppsss at Easter.. ;-)

bbc said...

Get your hands off of me you damn dirty apes.

the queen bee said...

Touch you? hahahahaha
No thankx. We'll stick to our own selfish kind. You're just too high & holy for our bunch! You better swing to another branch!

Ziem said...

Nice video! It brought back a lot of happier time memories. My son played Tevya in the play, and, as luck would have it, followed up that performance with Fagan from Oliver.

BBC said...

Hum, I wonder how some troll has managed to make me look like me here.

When I make posts my picture is also shown because I'm signed into my account.

Or maybe Nick is fucking with me because he is so fucked up? :-)

Mary said...

I loved both these musicals. (JCS & Fiddler). I am very interested in the book that fiddler is based on. I'm going to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Highspeed is great!

I was able to watch that video

Woo Hoo ;-)

Evil Spock said...

interweb is my word! My word! Btw, so is scientician and, um, I'll get back to you on the rest of the Evil lexicon . . .

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

ziem - Ew! Ew! I Loved "Oliver!", also. Your son gets some choice parts, congrats.

cbb - ??WTF,O??

Mary - I've read the books, once you internalize the yiddish accents and phrases, its a pleasure to read.

nancy - make sure are wearing a helmet now.

ES - You can "Say Anything" you want, but y,know "Wow, I can Be Sexual Too". - Did they have an advanced copy of the EvilSpeak. (You can't use that word , its mine, all mine.)

BBC said...

Maybe you read too much instead of thinking for yourself.

Hill said...

Throw, baby, throw.

Anonymous said...

Good morning my friend,

Is it me or some people have no imagination and keep repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and yeah...over again!!!!

Have a great day!


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Hi, Hill - Same Shit Different Day.

Yeah, Nancy. That's what religous people do, also. See the connection. They only want us to believe what THEY want us to believe. It's called bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Paws asked you this question over at my place :

Nick- have you read anything by Richard Dawkins ????? (evolution)