April 17, 2007

Everyday's A New Day


All of us are saddened and shocked by the tragedy that happened yesterday at Virginia Tech.

That kind of violence is happening everyday in Iraq. Can you imagine having to live in that kind of environment, everyday?

The violence on the campus of Virginia Tech is over. The traumatic mental recovery of the survivors and witnesses is just beginning. I wouldn't wish that kind of violence or mental trauma on anyone, friend or foe.

Now is not the time to assign blame for the way the tragedy was handled, it is over, lets learn from the events at Virginia Tech, to better handle these situations in the future, not waste our time beckering on what went wrong.

The tragedy in Iraq is still unfolding. Those in charge have not learned anything from their mistakes and mismanagment of that situation. It continues, everyday.

The trauma of the violence will be in their minds, until their mind is gone, or until they die, The scars won't disappear.

The Virginia Tech rampage happened to American people, some of them were our children. It happened on American soil.

Does it make all the violence in Iraq less tragic?



Anonymous said...

Violence against children, women, religious communities, homosexuals is unacceptable.

Whether it's happening in our family, our country or anywhere else in the world doesn't make it less of an outrage.

But when tragedy hits close to home it does hurt a hell of a lot more.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Now we will be subjected to a barrage of NRA talking points.

angry ballerina said...

We were suppose to be better prepared after Columbine. As far as comparing what happened to VT to Iraq, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this, I'm sorry. The men and women fighting in Iraq have weapons to defend themselves, the students didn't. They also know that getting shot at is a part of their job, the students go to school to have a safe environment to learn. Their both tragedies, but you cant compare apples to oranges.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - agreed, unacceptable

UL - Guns scare me.

Angry - I see the point you are trying to make;


The civilians and children that are being killed in Iraq on a daily basis don't have weapons, they can't defend themselves. It's not just about Americans, it's about humans!

angry ballerina said...

got it.

Pam said...

Ah but it's different when it's white american kids that are killed (*sarcasm*).

Violence against an innocent nation does nothing to model peace and nonviolent solutions to problems among our young people at home. A violent society and almost unfettered access to weapons....well, I'm surprised this doesn't happen daily in our country.

Blueberry said...

If people are going to be killed there'd better be a DAMN good reason for it, and there sure isn't one in this case and isn't one in Iraq either. Both illegal and unjust as hell... and both carried out with legal guns. (not speaking about the guns used against Americans in Iraq)

BBC said...

All of us are saddened and shocked by the tragedy that happened yesterday at Virginia Tech.

I wasn't shocked or saddened, these things happen everyday on smaller scales, it's just the same old shit day after fucking day.

Everyday in this country that many people get killed by those kinds of acts, so on that day there was twice as many is all.

This is one sick country, but maybe not sicker than any other country, I haven't tried to decide which is the most sane country, but I can assure you that it isn't this one, or Canada.

Anonymous said...

Canada is a beautiful country. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else! It's not perfect but there is no such place.

I am free, I have to diet because there is an abundance of food and there are no bombs falling over head. What do I have to complain about?