July 29, 2007

Football Unites Iraq

Football (known as Soccer in the U.S.) is the greatest sport on earth, and just might be the way to unite a divided country. The nation's football team managed something Iraqi politics or U.S. leaders has so far been unable to accomplish: A united Iraq.

The Iraqi football team which includes Sunni and Shia Muslims, as well as Kurds, beat the Saudi Arabian team 1-0.

I find this ironic not only because it shows a united front from within the country, as opposed to the U.S. pouring billions of dollars into the country, is the way to overcome hardships of the civil war between the people in Iraq, but also because they beat the Saudis, which is the main destabilizing influence in Iraq. No, it is not Iran or Syria, and the U.S. knows it. The Saudis are just one of the many people controlling our weak executive administration.

Wouldn't it be great, that after years of failure by our weak phony leaders, the country now become peaceful to show support of their football team?

Of course, our phony executive leaders would take credit for it, but we already know they are failures no matter what they say.



pissed off patricia said...

I agree. People will find their own comfort zone if left alone. Trying to force someone to see things your way at the tip of gun is not going to help your case.

Evil Spock said...

If only Soccer could be played everyday . . .

Undeniable Liberal said...

If they end up united, they would end up being united AGAINST the occupation of their country, so it's unlikely that such a thing would be allowd by the occupying forces.