July 13, 2007

Stephen Huneck - Dog Blessed

Stephen Huneck, a Vermont Artist, author, and Dog Lover has built a special place to honor Dog.

Not long after his near-death experience with Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, a wild idea popped into his mind, one that kept nagging at him. The result was Dog Mountain.

"I wanted to build a chapel, one that celebrated the spiritual bond we have with our dogs, and that would be open to dogs and people. People of any faith or belief system."


Dog Mountain Chapel
Photo Gallery



Peacechick Mary said...

My dogs would love that. Just think of all the sniffing they could get in between services. They love to sniff. They live to sniff, I should say.

azgoddess said...

nice story -- i love the ones about people not giving up hope!! hugs!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there!

Finally back online.

I definitely want to go there with my little Honey Bunny. Moreover, Vermont is not far away. How did you find this place???? Thankx for sharing it with us. ;-)

Have a great weekend my friend!

Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

oh oh..they even have dog parties... we want to go! ;-)

BadTux said...

Dog bless him. I am sure his prayers to Dog shall be answered. Dog is, after all, a faithful servant, unlike the dyslexic Dog that the tighty righties worship, who seems to only be capable of condemning people to Hell (or Alabama, whatever).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Anonymous said...


Are you back?

How was it?

Pictures to share?


Evil Spock said...

You ain't going to like my blog tomorrow . . .

pissed off patricia said...

What a great idea. Hope more pop up