July 24, 2007

Imaginary Friends

What are you doing here?

Do like Nancy, go for a bike ride. Get off the computer and start enjoying the summer and quit complaining about how bad others make your life.

You have the power to have a good life or not. Start Living!

ARE YOU STILL HERE? Well, if you're going to be on the internet, do something useful, expand your mind and read Badtux's post about human imagination.

/* Please excuse the lack of blogging lately. OverDosing on endorphins keeps the voices quiet */


pissed off patricia said...

I did as told and Mr Penguin's post blew my hat off and messed up my hair ;)

Anonymous said...


Well before going out, I do stop by my FAV people here on the blogoshere. ;-)

Québéquers are really not nosey at all. Well except for MOI. ;-)

Endorphines are a good thing, right? Life is meant to be enjoyed cuz when the shit hits the fan, it does become a little messy.. ;-)

Je t'aime gros comme le ciel..

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

PoP - Yeah me, too. It blew the hair right off of my head.

Nancy - I start my morning with a cup of coffee and browse some blogs.

Problem is, I enjoy it too much and minutes turn into hours, 3 cups and 5 hours later, I'm still browsing blogs. Got to stay away as much as I can, but I can't. I need an internet connection implanted in my brain so I can be bloggig while I'm out doing others things.

Yes, endorphins are the hormones excreted from strenous exercise (and orgasms) that make you feel blissful.

Love you, too. XOXOXOXXXXXO

Mariamariacuchita said...

great post. Now I'm going outside to weed the garden.

mad said...

You sound like my mom.

Mary said...

We only have this beautiful weather for so long. Less blogging. More enjoying the outdoors.

Peacechick Mary said...

I'm pedaling as fast as I can!

Anonymous said...

BTW I don't know what running does for you but cycling will never do what an orgasm does for me! LOL

I must be doing something wrong... ;-)


supergirlest said...

life schmife. i have not one. eh. thanks for reminding me.

i need to get my bike fixed.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

maria - weed? hehe

mad - Why does everyone call me Mommy?

mary - I'd be out in it right now, but it got too hot, I be back out tomorrow morning before the sun comes up.

peacechick - Stop pedaling so fast, it's not about speed, it's about enjoying the moment.

Nancy - You need to learn how to ride a bike properly: here is an instructional video: Girl on Bike

I never get tired of watching that girl on that bike.

supergirlest - Life? me? More like running away from life. Look where I'm at now, back in the blogosphere.

Anonymous said...

Interesting vid.. ;-)

I wonder if she's giving any riding lessons? lol

I'm more like the lady with the basket on her bike.. pretty clueless... wink

Smells pretty nice here this morning.... ;-)

Have a great day!


Pam said...

I'm baaaccccck!

It's hard to get back to blogging after a break.

Will read badtux's post here in a minute....

KathyF said...

Hey! I just got back from a walk! I'm chillin'.

KleoPatra said...

Your blog(s) are AWEsome. i need to come here and check out the rest of your posts. Superfantastic! Really. Thanks again to Nancy Bee. She's so cool. And so are you!

A fan in SoCal,