July 6, 2007

Friday Fun with Dog

I have been a little overwhelmed lately with work and other mind-numbing distractions. Since my Friday posts have become popular with at least one reader, I will happily comply with their desires.

Next week, I will return to random thoughts and voices in my head.

For now, I redirect your attention to WikiFido:
What We Can Learn from Our Dogs

Some "puppies" never outgrow your lap.


Nancy Bee said...

Good morning!

It's just because I'm nosey that's all. I want to know what you've been "up to" wink..

I want all the sorted details...because I have my own ideas of where you've been... ;-)

You seem to be quite calm... so I guess you've been flowing somebody's suggestion. Moreover taken a week off for a trip.. hummmm sounds pretty interesting to me.

I think you might have been inspired by the little puppy's position there... LOL

Have a great weekend!

Nancy Bee said...


Could you tell me what is that little animal on top of those little puppies????

I have seen those picts before and they are absolutely adorable!

I wonder where they were with the puppy. Usually we can't take our dogs anywhere!!!

I was with Honey at the park the other day and a guy working for the village came to tell me I had to put her on a leash? That insults me because where the hell is she supposed to run when I live in an apartment? The middle of the street????? The hell with him. I will continue let her run in the park, they just have to give me a ticket. Moreover, I always have my little bags and she's certainly NOT going to attack anyone!!!!

About another one of those cute picts. Are they wild cats sucking from that poor little dog????

OK OK... I'm out of here... LOL

Think about planning a different kind of trip next time... wink


angry ballerina said...


I miss my rajaloo.....FUCK FUCK

pissed off patricia said...

That doggie sleeping on that lady's lap looks so damned comfortable. He's making me sleepy just looking at him.

Have a great weekend!

Blueberry said...

I don't think I've ever been as relaxed as that dog in the pic -- ever.

Pam said...


Just what i needed to see today!

Now I just need one of those naps.....

Evil Spock said...

You have a fanbase! don't sell yourself short!

Peacechick Mary said...

I luves it!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - I could embellish my story about my trip for your amusement, I've never tried writing erotica, but I think that is the story your looking for, isn't it? Oh the stories I could make up.... XOXOXOXOO

I just give the links for the pics, I have no idea about what they are.

Angry - You need a big floppy Golden Retriever to hold and lay in your lap to help calm you.

PoP - Me, too /*stretching and yawing*/ did someone say nap?

Blueberry - I have been that relaxed, but I outgrew it when I was three.

pam - There it is again, someone keeps saying nap. I'll just close my eyes for a for a few minu /* ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ */

evil spock - /* eyes light up */ I have a fanbase, EEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP, now I'll never get any sleep, next thing the paparazzi will be stalking my every move.

peacechick - Yup. Sleeping dogs (and children) are so beautiful and look like such innocent sweethearts.

mad said...

Ah, the real meaning of lap dog.

angry ballerina said...

I have a big beefy bf for that.