July 10, 2007

A Tag to End All Tags

A while back, supergirlest from "my thinking spot" tagged me with an eight random facts tag. I'm supposed post eight random facts about myself, but I already use this blog for that, so I have had a block on what to include in this post.

Angry Ballerina and Mary posted their "tag" posts this past week, which reminded me that I had this tag to fulfill.

These facts have probably already appeared in the blog at some time or another.

1. I drive a gray 2001 Honda Accord. It is the best car I have ever owned. I bought it new and I've become emotionally attached to it, this car has been with been with me through some rough times in my life. I'm going to cry when I have to part with it.

2. I'm not a Liberal. Many people think because of my views that I'm Liberal or Democrat. Not even close. Personally, I have always leaned to the conservative side, but I have many viewpoints and opinions that most people would consider liberal. I'm a middle-of-the-roader who likes to consider both sides of an issues before possibly taking a side.

Don't confuse conservatism with the nationalists that are now in executive power. In my opinion, they are NOT conservatives, they are NOT patriots, they are traitors. (High-Five! I snuck a political statement into my introspection.)

I believe the best way to live is someone in middle ground of these two influences. I like tradition and routine, but I believe that progress is as necessary to life as evolution. I like to have my personal liberties, but believe that some sort of government authority is required to limit the power, influence, and greed of those who take advantage of others.

I consider myself Progressive Libertarian. I do not choose this way of thinking, it chooses me.

3. I rarely go out to eat. I have a busy lifestyle, spend much time at work, and pursuing my non-work activities (running, races, hiking, blogging), but I will not surrender to the temptation of quick, easy, unhealthy, assembly-line meals. Read Fast-Food Nation, and Dr. Weil (many books) and see the movie Supersize Me and you will understand why I feel like I do. When I do go out and eat, I've found a few superb local restaurants that suit my picky seasoned tastes.

4. My social life:

In the 80's it was getting drunk on the weekend, playing pool, darts, and pinochle, sometimes all at the same time.

In the 90's I was a soccer mom, both kids played soccer and I was involved in their soccer teams. I loved that.

In the 00's my life has been an emotional roller coaster ride. In the last two years, I've quit dating (dating, over 40, is depressing) and I now base my whole social life on running events. My life is stabilizing again, I hate where I live, but I love my job.

5. I'm a morning person. After a good night's sleep, I feel great and ready to start my day and get things done. I'm at my best then. If I have any tasks I need to do, I start them first thing in the morning and get them done. By the afternoon, when most people are just starting their tasks or starting to work, I'm beat, and need to start unwinding and relaxing. Do not give me something to do late in the day, it will not get done, or if I try to complete the task, I will likely mess it up (not on purpose).

When I can, I siesta. Then I don't get those late-day doldrums I hate and make me miserable and depressed.

6. I love playing Scrabble (while drinking Guinness). My vocabulary isn't that great; please don't rush me when it's my turn; I probably won't win; but I still like playing. I haven't been able to play very much since I've been single, I miss it.

7. Same as supergirlest's #7. The sun drains my energy. I have the best running results when it's cloudy or raining.

"I'm only happy when it rains" - Garbage

8. My favorite color has always been green. Even when I was a child, I loved all different shades and tints of green.

I will not tag anyone. If you want, go ahead and post random facts about yourself, we love reading them.



Anonymous said...

Good morning!

1. I drive a 2002 Red Honda Civic.

2.I have absolutely NO INTEREST what so ever in politics. Just gets people fighting and all uptight. Impossible to put a title on me.

3. I try to eat healthy. I can do that whenever I go out. I never eat in restaurants alone. I see this as a social event and I can eat healthy when I do or not. It's all about balance.

4. I've never really dated and I've been solo all my live. Let's just say I had other priorities. When I did start dating for a very short period and men started seeing this as negative (which most people who don't know me quickly jump to conclusion) If they haven't seen me they think "wow she must be this enormous fat cow" when they do finally meet me "wow she must be this major bitch" Do you think I want to date? NOPE I'll continue walking solo with my little Honey Bunny and yeah.. loving her is not lonely but respectable.

5. Morning person too.

6. oohhh don't like scrabble, you have to think too much.. ;-) I do too much of that all ready! lol

7. Luv luv luv the sun. People hate my tiny apartment because it's sooooo hot here in the summer and you'll never catch me getting AC.. just hate hate hate it!

8. I'm part Irish so green has always been of my life..but my all time fav would be yellow.. ;-) Probably has to do with the sun!

Thankx for sharing, it's always nice to get to know our fellow bloggers a little better.

Have a great day and I'll be sure not to ask a favour at the end of the day!!!!!


Peacechick Mary said...

We have so much in common. I'm glad to know someone else out there refuses to eat out. Even when I travel, I tend to eat out of grocery store produce departments rather than endure the grease, chemical coated stuff they call food.

Glad to know ya, Nick (mem Beth).

Mary said...

Interesting list. I have a huge dislike for fast food too. I try to bring stuff w/me on a road trip. I usually lose weight. Is it too much to ask to get a decent salad somewhere?

Pam said...

I think I'm going to spend the 00's as a soccer/gymnastics mom.

My husband is a middle of the roader. Like right smack dab in the middle - moderate. I'm so far left, I almost fall off the continuum ;-). My friend Sarah calls it "left of left" and she's further left than I am.

We eat out way too much, but try to do healthy. It's because I don't really like to cook. Or clean. Domestic goddess, I am not.

Loved reading this. Learned some new things about you!

angry ballerina said...

I don't buy it. You are SO a liberal. jk. I love my accord too. but I will only cry when I have to part with my shoes.

supergirlest said...

i could use a siesta myself...

this tag game was way too fun! and you are far from a freak show. take that image down now!

i'm a greener too. the darkest is my fave.

what is it you do for work? rarely do i encounter anyone that loves their job!

Evil Spock said...

I rule at Scrabble. My gf hates playing with me because I treat it like mathematics rather than language and vocabulary.

Play to win!

azgoddess said...

nice to meet ya...