January 24, 2008

It's Time

Worried about the economy? Why?

The U.S. is consuming the world's resources at a rate that is unsustainable. With less the 5% of the world's population, we consume 80% of the world's resources. If this were to continue, the U.S. will destroy the world within the next few centuries.

Economic growth is a deadly disease upon the Earth, and capitalism is it's most incurable affliction. We cannot have perpetual economic growth, and necessary climate and ecology practices. Economic growth is incompatible with a healthy earth.

The forces of Mordor (U.S.) will destroy the last few places of peace and healthy earth-friendly living in this world, until it is used every last resource within it's endless reach, and destroyed peace and nature, for the endless gluttony it demands.

Perhaps this can be prevented. Economic collapse destroyed the Roman Empire, and the Nazis dream of global domination. I'm hopeful economic collapse will shrink the USA's addictions to consumerism, material wealth, and global destruction of nature's resources.

The last eight years have seen unprecedented U.S. government spending and ever increasing use of dwindling military forces and contracted mercenaries to gain influence in the regions where we pilfer our "needed" resources. These actions have not only caused much shame to our country, but bitterness from groups whose ideals differ the majority of the U.S.'s.

We need to not only to stop our reckless economic growth, and cut it back to a more reasonable level. We need to stop our insatiable appetite for the worlds resources and learn to live in harmony with the other culture's needs and ideals, and in harmony with the earth that sustains our lives. We need to live within the space of the environment we inhabit, quit stealing resources from other places when we have plenty of our own to sustain us comfortably.

I'm not afraid of economic collapse, I think we need it, before the earth becomes a wasteland, and before our consumption becomes the cause of our extinction.



Anonymous said...

Hey there!

It's a very special day tomorrow.. could you send me your email please.. ;-)


Gledwood said...

do you actually understand what "growth" is..?

how can we have economic growth year-on-year without it just turning into inflation?

surely there is only a finite amount of money in the world... and so only finite growth is possible


Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day to you... ;-)

Have a few beers... on me... that would sound odd to a French Canadian who doesn't know much about the language.. wink

Enjoy it!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - Please no more of "those" cards. I need to get some sleep tonight.

gledwood - Yes, growth is finite. Eventually, we will destroy all the resources required for growth, the human race will perish, and the earth will recover.

We could start taking care of our host, instead of making it sick, being mutually benficial for both host and parasite. Instead of what we're doing know, destroying the host that we depend on for our survival. For what? A little bit of convenience. It's shameful.

Nancy - Have a few Beers on you? Sounds like fun? I guess I have to be on top then, right? ;)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

aahhh excuse-me.. the idea of "those" cards were for you NOT to get any sleep... geezzz do I have to tell you everything... LOL

BTW you sleep enough! hahahaha


Mauigirl said...

"I'm hopeful economic collapse will shrink the USA's addictions to consumerism, material wealth, and global destruction of nature's resources."

Nick, this is a brilliant post - you have actually come out and said what I've been thinking every time I see another McMansion go up or another Hummer drive by..."What this country needs is a good Depression."

I'd like to link to you in my next post. I love your reasoning and it's something that I haven't seen too many people say out loud!

I take it that it's your birthday - hope it's a good one!!!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Mauigirl - You're welcome to link to this post.

Yes, it's my Birthday. Another year Grumpier.

Cindrarella said...

History does repeat itself, huh???

Happy Birthday, btw!