January 20, 2008

Miserable Comfort

I train for four months to run the race we ran yesterday.

I had a goal. To beat last years time. That didn't happen, but I was so glad to just finish, and surprised that it only took one minute longer than last year. It was the most miserable conditions I've EVER run.

I ran a trail run (Top of Tantalus) in Hawaii once, in heavy rain and ankle deep puddles and mud with slippery tree roots. That was bad, but at least it was warm, and the scenery was breathtaking.

I'm a person who loves the cold (not bitter cold), and love rain, and I love to run in inclement weather, but every person has their limits. The wind usually doesn't bother me, I can dress for that.

Yesterday was miserable. How miserable was it?

It was cold, windy, with heavy rain mixed with snow (the first time I've seen snow since moving here seven years ago). We had to run in those conditions for almost two hours. Continuous heavy rain and wind. We were soaked, numb feet and hands, and muscles that were becoming stiff from the cold.

It was a little comfort to see 200 fellow runners experiencing the same misery, and some of them weren't dress as well as I, for these conditions. We will be remembering this race as the worst conditions many of us will ever suffer.

As I was changing after the run, and putting my wet clothes into a bag to take home, I swear they must have weighed five to ten pounds. The upscale fitness club which sponsored the run, had very nice showers, with those foot wide shower heads. That was the best hot shower ever. My hands and feet were still cold later that night when I soaked in and hot tub and finally got the rest of the chill out of my body.

When I got home, everyone was excited because it actually snow and accumulated about one inch. It is such a rare event here, but yesterday I could care less. I just spend the rest of the day trying to get the chill out of my body. I slept well last night.



Mauigirl said...

Nick, I feel cold just reading about this! Brrr! Congratulations for finishing it! And I hope you're warm now...perhaps a hot toddy would help? ;-)

mad said...

Wow, man, that was worse conditions than at Lambeau Field Sunday.

azgoddess said...

good job!! great run

too bad you couldn't have had the balmy winter we're having here in arizona...

here's wishing some your way...