January 17, 2008


For the next few weeks, and possibly permanently, look for new posts here on Sundays.

I'll be running in a half marathon Saturday, then going to play in the snow in the Smoky Mountains, weather permitting. A winter storm is developing and could be hitting us on Saturday. The weather man has even said the "S" word about Friday night/Saturday morning, I doubt it will happen (I'm an optimist), but a cold rain or freezing precipitation could make things interesting, since I don't have cold weather rain gear for running.

Work, training, and a hectic schedule have me a bit overwhelmed for a little while. Please keep the place tidy.


MTRC said...

See you at the race. Dress warm, its going to be cold and wet.

Hill said...

I don't do floors.

Even so, HAVE FUN!!


mad said...

Pffft, some excuse. Just because you've got a life.

Casdok said...

Hope you enjoyed the run and didnt get to cold!