January 8, 2008

When is Lunch? - Lunch Is Served

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When Is Lunch?
When Is Lunch? - The Next Meal
When Is Lunch? - Let's Go Out
When Is Lunch? - You Make It
When Is Lunch? - I'm Not Hungry

He started making plans to give away his assets, end his journey and make his misery go away.

He made a harder decision. He decided to keep going.

Life is an adventure, and around every bend in the road are new possibilities. It might be exciting, it might be scary, or just a long straight boring stretch of highway. Good things will happen, bad things will happen, people will try to run you off the road or block your way, it's all part of the adventure. He didn't want to miss the good times because of being afraid of hitting a few potholes.

The End

I wish there was a more exciting ending with ambulances, cheating lovers, back-stabbing friends, blood and gore, and life-altering situations. It is all there, I left out those details, because your imagination can create better stories than I can tell, let it run wild.

The posting will be a little light for the next few weeks, work and my training schedule are a little bit overwhelming at the moment.

Only seventeen days left until niCkDay.



Gledwood said...


MichaelBains said...

Hmmm... I just left a comment and clicked on "Close this window" instead of "publish".

Oy vey!

So what I said, but didn't say, was:

Happy New Year, Nick! Bet all that Guinness is what helped ya make it through such a Lunch.


Pam said...

Howdy niCk.

That's one big dickhead below.

As for the story, it's not ending. Sounds like it's just beginning again.

Cindrarella said...

I like how it left off, and I'm with Pam...sounds like a beginning.

The human condition is something, isn't it? What a ride...glad to share a leg of it with you.

azgoddess said...

nickday is your birthday? mine is the 23rd...happiness early birthday!

nice story! hugs

Mauigirl said...

Good ending. I had been afraid it would be a sad finish!

If your birthday is the 25th, then you share it with the Bard of Scotland - Robbie Burns! We go every year to a local Fish & Chips restaurant in the New Jersey town of Kearney, which has a large Scottish population. They have a whole celebration with bagpipes, etc., for the occasion!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

gledwood - :-D

michael - Guinness is what helps me through life!

Pam - Howdy Pam - Life, there is no ending. (Don't bend over when those dick-heads are around, they're always looking for a way to screw us, or stick it to us)

cindra - Yep, it a fun ride, scary at times with big hills, and steep drop-offs. "now put your hands in the air....."

az - Yep, you guessed right. Happy early birthday to you, as well. The age of Aquarians will soon be upon us.

Mauigirl - "The End" should have been "He lived moody ever after" -
Bagpipes make me sad.