January 13, 2008

A Purpose and a Plan

One of my future vacation plans is go on a Hut-to-Hut hiking trip in Austria.

In Austria, most villages are not only connected by roads, but also by hiking trails, and it is possible to tour most of the country via these trails . There are even government sponsored hostels to provide budget travelers lodging and meals at a very reasonable cost. They even brew a special beer for the hikers. There is one tour that combines beer tasting and hiking. That's what I call motivation, hike to the next town to sample some local brews. (Mass produced Kool-Aid beers are shunned in these parts of the world).

Anyway, I was over at Hill's Country, I found out there is a special town in Austria I need to visit while I'm there. Fucking, Austria.

Here are the directions from Tarsdorf to Fucking. Pay close attention to last step in the directions.

I want to go to Fucking Austria.

I want to go to the Fucking town, and stay at the Fucking hotel. Then I want to go out and eat at a Fucking restaurant, go meet some of the Fucking people (would they be called Fuckers?) and see all the Fucking sights. Maybe I can get a meet a woman while I'm there , and finally have a Fucking girlfriend, You know, someone who can help me find my special purpose.

When we're done we'll hit the Fucking road to get the Bleep out of Fucking. Then again, maybe we'll stay there and have a great Fucking life.

Excuse me while I go dream of Fucking......

(Wow, writing that was strangely satisfying.)

Please don't steal the Fucking sign, or someone might miss Fucking, and that wouldn't be good.

Although it may seems like I'm taking advantage of the name this town, no expletives have been used in writing this post! So you guys watch your fucking language.



Casdok said...

I hope you manage to get to F******! Im told its awsome!

mad said...

Don't forget to practice your fucking yodelling!

Cindrarella said...

Fucking sounds good to me.

Mauigirl said...

You must go there!

When we were in Newfoundland in 2005 we made sure to stop in the famous town of Dildo and have our pictures taken in front of the post office. Fucking, Austria is even more of a draw, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

I do recall these great words from a wonderful wise person that you need to get together with :

"NIcky my boy, you need to get laid" ;-)

Austria sounds cool but there would be a much better place for you to visit with FAB people to visit... wink wink... get going you chicken!!!!! lol

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

casdok - Me, too

mad - I'll start practicing. You have to yodel when you hike in Austria, it's the law.

cindra - Fucking-A

maui - There is also a Petting in Germany. It takes an hour to go from Petting to Fucking, but it all depends on how fast you are.

Nancy - My friends are wise, I should listen to their advice. Yeah, I'm chicken! - BTW, What happened to your blog?

Anonymous said...

Time to move on... ;-)

I'm soooooo happy the PITA hasn't figured it out....

aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love love love it! wink

PS. Was looking at Lush's post this morning.. still miss her ...

PPS. Being a chicken won't be gettin' you any... GET GOING NOW!

azgoddess said...

nice blog - fucking nice!

a comment though - no one but yourself can help you find your purpose...hugs my friend and enjoy the search

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - PITA's are a fact of life, they are everywhere. Just one of a very lareg crowd. Have fun moving on to where ever your moving on to.

az - True, only I can find my purpose in life, but only a woman can help my find my SPECIAL purpose ;)