January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I'm going to try and post daily updates of my training, races, daily mileage, and mileage for the year. I always start these things with good intentions, but never keep them up. This blog is going on it's fifth year, although the updates have been pretty rare lately, I'm going to try and post at least the stats.

2009 in Review: Last year I only did 25 races, down from 35 races the previous year, but I have made many more valuable friends through the local running club and an informal group that meets every Saturday morning at a local park. I took an eight week break from running this summer because of an injury, but it didn't take me long to work my way back to running my best half-marathon. I'm encouraging more runners to get out and train with others and get involved, and like me, make goals, make it a social activity that's healthy for spirit, mind and body. I have never been as anchored to a place as I am now with the group of runners who have befriended me. Thanks to these people, you know who you are.

Starting 2010: The first day brought together R3 runners to start the year off right with the Annual New Year's Day Chili Run. This year we had the best turnout since the tradition began. It was cold and damp, the rain gave us a break, but not the wind. To my surprise, I was not chased by any dogs. The post-run chili, beer and mingling with other runners was enough to take the chill out of all those who participated. It was a good time.

I won this unique door prize at this event, it's just what I needed:

The run was 3.3 miles, my time was 25:04. I did a cool down of about a mile after the run.

2010 Miles: 4


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