January 31, 2010

Going Hog Wild

Great news. I set a PR (Personal Record) yesterday at the Hog Wild 15K, my fastest 15K ever. As good as that sounds, it really wasn't that great, this was my first 15K.

My time was 1:13:47, which is about a 7:54 pace, probably a few seconds less because the course measurement was a tenth of a mile too long, 9.42 miles. The pace was right on track for my future goal to finish a half marathon at an 8:00 min pace or less. Hopefully, I will accomplish that this year. I can finish ten miles at that pace, but after that, I fade.

I have nothing but good things to say about the new course for the Hog Wild, which was extended this year from a 5 mile length. The new course is less hilly than the old and took us through heart of Dothan. The start / finish line were set up on front of the civic center. Although I heard people complain about hills, there were no big hills like old course out by Westgate Park.

However, the facilities out at Westgate Park were MUCH better than the place they used yesterday. Next year, I hope they consider using the Civic Center. The Depot Off Main was totally inadequate for the crowd this race attracted. Bathrooms were limited and many men (me included) started going out behind the building rather than wait in line. The size of the building couldn't accommodate the number of people who showed up, and we waiting in this building for warmth, packed in like sardines. The beer and food were mostly gone before much of the 15K runners had finished because the 5K runners got to it first. The noise inside this place was more than I could bare. I had a good run, but didn't have a good post-race experience.

Another thing I hope they change; at least have something to accommodate those who don't eat meat or pork products. Did they have bananas or any fruit? NO. Gatorade, or Powerade? NO. They had Pork Beans and Rice, Pepperoni and Sausage pizza (no plain cheese pizza?!?), pork rinds, packaged cookies, and soda-pop. That was the after-race refreshments (GAG!). All the things I avoid, well except for the soda, but not when I'm dehydrated.

Hey Dumb Ass, It called HOG WILD for a reason. It is to celebrate one of the south's staple food products. It's not The Hummus Hoedown, Broccolli Burnout, or Squash Sprint.

I know, I know. But you'd think they'd have bananas and Gatorade at least. This is what or bodies need after running 9.3 miles. Is it just me, or does this make sense to anyone else?

We also had some distressing moments in this race. One of the runners from Montgomery experienced dehydration and had to be rushed to the ER. This women usually runs about the same pace as me, and then passes me at the end. This time she took off and stayed ahead of me until the last mile. I come up on her in the last mile, she was limping and wheezing, I asked asked her if she was OK, all she said she went out to fast. She never made it to the finish line. Not long after I passed her, she was rushed off by EMTs because she was having seizures. I checked on her later, she was doing much better and released from the ER later that evening.

Runners! Remember to drink plenty of water and pace yourself. Even on cold damp days, runners can become dehydrated and overdo it.

Love the new course, didn't like the new location's facilities and refreshments. I hope they improve these things, this was always a race I've enjoyed.

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Punkcountrygal said...

Hummus hoedown!! Love it!!! Now that is a race I would be sure to attend. I'm with you on all the nasty pork food.

SOrry to hear about your friend. How scary. Seizures are one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed. Glad to hear she is better now .