January 11, 2010

Cold, Cold, Cold

Although we had ice and snow in the forecast this week, it never amounted to any more than a few minutes of sleet or snow. I was hoping for more, despite closing and delayed opening, the roads Friday morning were as dry and passable as any other morning. The only thing unusual, was the long lasting cold spell.

The running days this week have been a lessons on how to dress for a cold run without overdressing and getting too hot and sweaty, or under dressing and have body parts screaming in agony. I've enjoyed the cold because I seem to perform better, but I've cussed it when my hands felt like they had been hit with a sledgehammer.

Since it rarely gets cold enough around here to get your money's worth from good cold weather gear, I've had to make due with a cotton /* gasp */ hoodie and wearing rolled up socks over my gloves as make-shift mittens. This last month has been the only extended cold snap I've experienced since moving to the south ten years ago. I must be getting used to it, the last few days it has not seemed as bad to me, even if most of my other running buddies are still complaining. The only time I really get uncomfortable is when I'm running into the wind, but the discomfort seems to energize me. I'd rather run in the bitter cold, than not run at all. I also prefer it to running in extreme heat and humidity we have here in July and August.

I'll be running the Auburn Classic Half-Marathon this Saturday, the temperatures are supposed to be in the 30's, with a chance of showers. Two years ago I ran this race with those same temps, but on a windy day with HEAVY rain and snow. It was the most miserable conditions I had EVER experienced, muscles cramping, hands numbs, and every part of me chilled to the bone from being completely soaked, there was no way to stay dry. I hope this year will be better. I'm not setting a goal. I would like to finish in my usual window around 1:50, but Auburn has many hills. I haven't been doing any hill training the last few months because I'm still nursing tight abductors, but they are feeling better than last year and no longer affecting my groin.

Mileage Stats:
Jan 10: 8.5 (AM) + 2.5 (PM)
Jan 9: 5
Week: 16
Year: 51

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James said...

See ya on Saturday... I'll be there too!