October 29, 2006


Bush claims the economy is doing great. It is all a facade. We are robbing future generations to create a false sense of security and prosperity.

It is unfair of us to burden future generations.

David M. Walker is the head of the General Accountability Office, an investigative arm of Congress that audits and evaluates the performance of the federal government. He is the Comptroller General.

He is not running for office. He has nothing to lose or gain by this next election. His job is secure.

He claims that the U.S. economy is on a course set for disaster. The vast majority of economists and budget analysts agree: The ship of state is on a disastrous course, and will founder on the reefs of economic disaster if nothing is done to correct it

It is a dirty little secret that everyone knows in Washington, but no one talks about.

Read the whole story: America The Bankrupt

Now I will talk politics. Our current leader is responsible for this fiscal mess. He is not a conservative, he is a Nationalist. His fiscal irresponsibility has put the future of the U.S. in graver danger the terrorists ever did.

Where are these conservative values of the "Republicans"?
Personal Responsibility
Fiscal Responsibility
Religious Liberty
Less Government

All of these values have been lost by the Nationalists now in power, who try to keep us scared, while they line their pockets. They sing "God Bless America" while they are destroying values on which the U.S. was founded.

It is time to get rid of the current political parties, who answer to big money and special interests group. We need to regroup and create a government that values their people, and humanity, ahead of big corporations and big commercialized religious groups.


BBC said...

Geez, I've been seeing and saying that for at least five years. But what can we do Nick? What can we do?

Maybe it isn't even our problem? The youth are the ones that need to wake up and take care of it, they are the ones that are going to get strapped with it. Right? Don't expect the right side Christians to care about it.

BSB said...

Hi guys!

Well I'm sorry to say that I have absolutely no opinion on the matter, I just wanted to say hi!

I can only say that I was extremeley surprised when Bush was re-elected the last time running.

Moreover, they had never seen such a huge amount of people going out to vote.. Being Canadian I just didn't understand what the hell was going on... hummmm

Sorry that's about it on politics.. ;-)

Nite guys!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

hi BSB. Until this current fiasco in the white house, I usually stayed away from politics also, but this Prez has made such a mess, it is hard to ignore.

My usual attention to politics is limited to complaining about campaign signs that trash our streets, and the incredibly ignorant TV ads. If you use either to decide how to vote, you don't deserve to vote. No wonder Bush got so many votes, gullible people.

BBC, yes its been coming for a long time, and people are still ignoring it. In the U.S., the govt and its citizens beleive it's okay to live well beyond their means, leaving the responsible ones left to clean up and pay for their stupidity.

Blueberry said...

Personal Responsibility
Fiscal Responsibility
Religious Liberty
Less Government

Wow, if those were really what the Repubs were about, I could almost be one. At least it wouldn't be a replusive idea.

pissed off patricia said...

Everybody needs to be talking about this and so much more. Just because the market is up doesn't mean we are in great financial shape. I had read the report you posted about and it made me feel sick inside. Not only has this administration been responsible for thousands of deaths as the result of the Iraq war, it has also drained our country's bank account. Sounds criminal to me.

BSB said...

What do you think about this new movie coming out about Bush getting assassinated? I'm surprised they're letting it out.. it might give a few crazies ideas...

azgoddess said...

repugs does not equal values of any kind...

but that pertains to any rich white male in america now-a-days...their only value is themselves!!

Kvatch said...

Bush claims the economy is doing great. It is all a facade. We are robbing future generations to create a false sense of security and prosperity.

Specifically, we'll be paying $650 in debt service per American/per year, for the next 100 years or so. And that's just for the war. I did a little analysis of the situation here.

BSB said...

Off topic.. where in the south do you go shopping for antiques? ;-)