October 17, 2006


Has any of our corrupted criminal politicians currently leading the country in the executive branch of our government thought about how useless it is to have a “War on Terror”. It is just a phrase they use to justify their immoral, unethical, unpatriotic behavior.

The “War” on terror cannot be successful. You might eradicate it in one place, but it will just pop up in another place, perhaps in another form. The September 11 hijackers were successful because they assimilated into American life, wore the clothes of our culture, had the same habits and everyday tasks. They became so much like us, they just blended in. Now the authorities know what to look for, do you think they are going to use that tactic again? Doubtful!

Terror is much like a common cold or influenza virus. The cure cannot be found for those viruses or germs because they evolve, they change their form. We can fight the current rash of flu bugs, but those “cures” won’t work next year because it will not be the same exact virus. The same happens with the terrorist organization.

We are trying to fight an enemy without a country, without a land to capture, without any need to worry about United Nations Sanctions. As we focus on Iraq, a place The United States caused to become a terrorist state, the terrorists we thought we successfully eradicated from Afghanistan are slowly retaking that country. Anyone can see that our actions are making terrorism worse. We are using traditional warfare to fight idealism, it can’t work.

There is no war in Iraq; there is nothing to fight for. We have taken out the leader, we have installed our proxy government. We occupy a country which is at war with itself. The religions are fighting each other, as they were for hundreds of years. Religions are metastasizing malignancies that are much like the cancers that destroy animals. These are the same groups which brought it’s ousted ex-leader to power.

And they ignore Darfur, just like they ignored Rwanda.

If we only had a authentic leader....


azgoddess said...

too funny! love the pics!

now about that war -- reminds me so much of '1984'





BBC said...

"we have installed our proxy government."

My God Nick, do you have to say such scary things. No wonder it's such a frigging mess over there.

Blueberry said...

The very idea that you can reduce terror with war is ridiculous.

pissed off patricia said...

Makes you crazy if you think about it too much because it's so freakin' insane. We have killed more people in Iraq than were killed here on 9-11 and we have destroyed more of their country than was destroyed here on 9-11. Is it any wonder they want us out of there?

Minou said...

War on terror - how do you identify the terror, how do you quantify it, in short, how do you know you have won the war on terror if you don't know what it is in the first place? (principles of Project Management).

This is a scam my friend, it is meant to instil fear and need in you. Just like the ads for toothpaste, you will be sexier and have more friends if you believe . . .

This is a ticket to ride, to ride on the wave of fear of annihilation, fear of death when everyone's going to die anyway. Craziness and insanity.

Think about this, Bush knew Bin Laden, knew his family, he bloody well helped them as they helped him - now tell me what terror means.

Bush and Blair - now that's what I call terror.