October 27, 2006

Friday DOG Blogging

For the Friday thing, I decide to focus on spirituality. Hey, I do what Dog tells me to do.

We all need to become more pawtriotic.

Clicking on the picture will take you to Amazon.com. I get no royalties, I just like dogs and books and I'm a sucker for books with dogs.

See Jon Katz on Amazon for some great reads about dogs.


Blueberry said...

Go with Dog, my son.

pissed off patricia said...

Dogs rule (please don't tell Fred the Cat that I said that)

Have a great weekend :)

BBC said...

Ha, ha, ha. You do what dog tells you to do, do you.

Okay, Dog says to get out of the house.

Dog says to go have some fun.

Dog says to get your willie fondled.

You do what Dog tells you to do, don't you fuck wit Dog now.

Dog will run a bench grinder up your ass.


BSB said...

Yeah well if you take a look at my blog..and glance and my pooches.. you'll be able to figure out who rules in our home.. ;-)

Love your pict..but the cage.. ;-( makes me want to say.. aaaahhhhhhh shoudln't be in a cage.. well not for too long anyway....

BBC said...

Nick... Check this out. BBC

Here is an interesting site about a local man and the park.

Blueberry said...

There is a place for you catless Friday animal blogging people: Friday Ark. Submit your post here:
http://blogcarnival.com/bc/submit_7.html, select for the Carnival "friday ark", then "dogs", etc.