October 20, 2006

Literate Cats

I have a funny story for the Friday Cat blogging people.

In the apartments where I reside, we have several friendly cats. Frequently when I'm out on my porch, one of these cats, a small young black cat, will come by for a warm lap or just a scratch behind the ear, or to see if I'm having some tuna or salmon to share.

I have several neighbors, mostly young women, who are afraid of any animals. When this cat walks up to these people, they try to shoo it away, or they will sit in there car until the animal goes away. I don't understand how anyone can be afraid of this small friendly cat who wants nothing more than to rub against your leg and say "Hi". It is a very vocal cat, and will meow several times when it first greets you.

One of these young women has a brand new over-sized SUV that she keeps very clean and shiny and she parks away from everyone else so that no one "touches" her precious piece of shit. I heard her talking to another neighbor, upset, because that cat had been walking on the hood of her car, making dirty tracks on her clean car and one day the cat was sleeping on the roof of her car, and she had to call someone to get it off before she could go near her car. I mentioned to her that I happily remove this evil menace from her car anytime I'm here, because the cat is super-friendly and doesn't mind being handled. She snapped at me, telling me that the next time she's going to call animal control so they can take it away and put it down. That is the typical "Montgomery" attitude. I now know not to be friendly to her anymore.

Here's the funny part. The next day, as I was finishing up a run, I passed by her car. She had a sign taped to the inside of the windshield, "No Cats on Vehicle".

Yes, these people walk amongst us.

The thing is, if that cat can read, don't you know it's going to climb up there just for spite and get her dirty little paw prints on that shiny clean wax job. It's the attitude thing, cats have loads of it.

OK, I'll post a picture for those you addicted to cat pictures.

I hope that doesn't get the cat people too excited, it is a rather "sensual" photo.


azgoddess said...

what a cute little baby - - such a sweety!

and you have me cracking up in my office today...too funny...

oh - i just love my cat's attitude...i get busy - he wants me to pet him and then when i'm not busy - he walks up to me - puts his tail up in the air and just walks on by..smile

Blueberry said...

Makes you feel like putting a new item on the SUV every day -- like a fresh pile of dog's doodoo, or birdseed (that should make a doubly-nice mess). Can't have a sign for everything, and what a stupid sign!

Someone needs a garage! Trouble is, these monstrous vehicles don't even fit in them anymore.

Love that little sugar baby.

BBC said...

A sign that says NO CATS ON THE CAR?
Now that is just too frigging funny. If cats can read, that is just an invitation for them to get up on it.

Boy, we are surrounded by frigging idiots. :-)

rg said...

Should of put a sign on the car:
"kts kn't reed"
with a pawprint signature