October 13, 2006


In honor of Friday the 13th.

Our current leaders love to keep us afraid, but there is already too much fear. I couldn't find a fear of a Bad President. How about Bushitophobia.

The five most common phobias are:

1. Fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)
2. Fear of giving a speech (glossophobia)
3. Fear of heights (acrophobia)
4. Fear of rodents (musophobia)
5. Fear of flying (aviophobia)

Following closely are phobias about confined spaces (Claustrophobia), thunder (Astrapophobia), nighttime (Noctiphobia) and dogs (Cynophobia).

Sure, it’s amusing to think someone can be afraid of colors (chromophobia), but how do these people buy fruit?

Papaphobia—fear of the pope.
Scorodophobia—fear of garlic.
Pteronophobia—fear of being tickled with feathers. (Please hurt me)
Ranidaphobia—fear of frogs.
Philematophobia—fear of kissing.
Aulophobia—fear of flutes.
Ostraconophobia—fear of shellfish.
Graphophobia—fear of handwriting.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia—fear of long words (seriously, you're afraid of the word that describes what you're afraid of)

Blennophobia—fear of slime.
Gerontophobia—fear of old people.
Peladophobia—fear of bald people.
Geropeladophobia—fear of old, bald people.
Phobophobia—fear of developing a fear.

Complete List: http://phobialist.com/

Ending on a serious note:

"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear-mongering and bad leadership are the only real threats to our National Security.


BBC said...

It is the 13th isn't it? Oh well, I'm fearless, so what the fuck.

Have a nice day Nick.

Blueberry said...

Everytime I think my phobias are silly, I read over those lists and feel sorry for those poor unfortunate phobic people afraid of... cucumbers or something!

Minou said...

I have a fear of heights, but I particularly like the fear of developing a fear in your list - shows how useless fears can be!

Why be afraid of something that may never happen, but we all do that from time to time.

Happy Friday 13th, 13 has always been lucky for me.

azgoddess said...

LOL - too funny - a baby bush phobia..