December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

It's Boxing Day. We need to adopt this day as part of the traditions in the U.S.. This is a holiday I can support.

It is time to put on the Boxing Day gloves and punch those people that pissed you off during the holiday shopping season.

Disclaimer: All punches should be thrown as a mental image or verbal abuse, unless your opponent voluntarily submits to a Boxing match. I do not advocate violence. One exception; maybe a nice punch in the head would make our Leader Dearest come to his senses. I doubt it, but it's worth a try.


BBC said...

Not that I condone it, but a well placed bomb would be the right answer. And it wouldn't matter, it's just a monkey.

Tiff said...

By "Leader Dearest" I assume you mean that Leader of the U.S.. What an arse.

Where's the queue?

Anonymous said...

I did my part on the boxing thing today. Not against a shopper, but against Dubya.The.Vile.Prick. and his admin.
Boxing Day. GREAT IDEA!!!

Blueberry said...

Boxing Day is big here in the States too. It's the day everyone puts everything back in the box and returns it to the store in exchange for something they REALLY wanted.

Can be celebrated by re-gifting to folks you haven't seen during the holiday yet. Generally done with fruitcakes and ugly sweaters -- handmade stuff or stuff without store tags.

Pam said...

I'll play!!

bluegrrrrl said...

hahaha! I always wondered why they called it Boxing Day!

I don't advocate violence either,'s a nice fantasy!

Frederick said...

Pucker up!