December 16, 2006

Page 123 Book Tag


I've been tagged by BSB. Okay, I think I asked for that, I tagged her and didn't run away fast enough.

Here are the rules :
Find the nearest book.
Name the book
The author
Turn to page 123
Go to the fifth sentence on the page
Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog. Tag three more folks.

Okay, I'm going by the rules, and picking the closest book at the time I was tagged. It's been months since I read this book, but it was still laying on my desk. I have books laying on everything, all around the apartment.

1. Title: A Dog Year - Twelve Months, Four Dogs, and Me. I read a lot of books about Dogs.

Author: Jon Katz

3. Page 123:

We continued to trade strategies on overcoming his past problems, inducing his cooperation. She didn't like my practice of letting him chase after cars and trucks, even from behind a fence, although she understood that it has become a channel for his energy and part of our routine. But even before she challenged the practice, I knewI'd have to find some substitutes; it was ultimately a risky game.

4. I tag:

Pam, Blueberry, and Pissed off Patricia (Tags are totally voluntary, of course.)


Pam said...

Thanks for the tag - gives me something to write today ;-).

BSB said...

Hey there,

Thank you for suggesting this and keeping up your part of the tag!

Snowball has written her assignment and there's FAB left!

It must have been a wonderful story... cute dog.. ;-)

Blog on my friend!


angry ballerina said...

Hey Nick,
My Mom got me that book, now I think I will be reading it. It's been balancing out my end table for the past three months......

Blueberry said...

A book about dogs, written by Katz! What a concept! Thanks for the tag!

Gracie said...

What a great idea. This has been a welcomed break so thank you.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Anonymous. Your comment was deleted becuase it was off-topic, besides being total nonsense. If you wish to debate it, post your response on the blog of origination.

Oh, don't be anonymous, if you have an opinion, don't shout it at me and then run away like a coward. Be brave enough to accept a response, unless you don't wish for critical analysis, like those religious weirdos.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BSB, yes I would recommend that book, it explains much on dog behavior.

AB, There is a book that is almost like a prequel to that story. It is called "Running to the Mountain", about Jon seeking solitude during his mid-life crisis. I read that in a time in my life when a lot of changes were happening to my life, and I could relate to his emotions and questioning his faith. That book also has dogs in it, of course.

Pam, I never even thought of that. Katz writes about much more than dogs, so I knew his work before he adopted troubled Border Collies.

Gracie, thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate your visit.

I will be browsing all your sites tonight.

Hugs for all

supergirlest said...

this reminds me. i need to beg that dog whisperer dude to come save the day. i question my ability to be a parent everyday. i mean, if i can't get one of our dogs to stop barking no matter what i try, what does that mean for my child?!?! lol!

BBC said...

Right in front of me. Webster's Instant Word Guide.

Page 123

Fifth line


But I like the forth line better


Have a problem you are dealing with? Pick up a book, any book. Close your eyes. Open it to a random page, put your finger on it and read those few words.

Be honest about interpreting what is there, this is where a lot of people get in trouble with that because they are always looking for something that favors them.

BBC said...

Really, give me ONE good reason why the cosmos should favor any of you.

BBC said...

Sorry pal, one more comment.

At some point in time you have to stop reading books and start thinking for yourself. Albert Einstein.

HillCountryGal said...

A dog book! Cool!

Pam said...

That bbc must be drunk all of the time. Or just an asshole. Or both.

Your tag is making the rounds nick! This is a fun one!