December 18, 2006


I lived in the Washington DC area when I was in the military. The commute in D.C. is horrible if you want to drive yourself, but if you use the public transportation system, it is relatively easy. There even exists an informal, cost-free way to get around. It is called slugging.
I think slugging actually started in the San Francisco area, but I don’t know the history. It was born out of the people waiting for the buses, and drivers wanting to use the HOV-3 commuter lanes to get to work faster. After I found out about this informal system commuting, I used it for three years as both a rider and a driver. Riders are called slugs, the drivers are body-snatchers. There have even been books written, and websites established about this phenomenon. Even though it sounds dangerous, there have been few problems.

The system works very well only through the cooperation and voluntary etiquette of both parties. The drivers or riders have no control over who rides/drives, but the rider/driver has the right to refuse the ride/drive if anything looks suspicious or past bad experience with a rider or driver. I have seen bad drivers unable to get a rider, even though there are plenty of riders standing in line. A bad reputation quickly spreads through the line if someone has bad experience, so drivers and riders usually stick to the informal etiquette system so that they can continue to take advantage of the slugging system

So now I come to the reason for today’s post. Slugging is much like blogging. It is an informal system that benefits both the writers and the readers. There are ways to attract readers to your site, and there are ways to repel readers. Comments are always invited, but there is a certain informal etiquette and cooperation that should be followed:

Comments can be positive or negative, but they need to address the topic of the post, past posts, or the overall scope of the blog.

Women flirting with me is always acceptable. ;-)

Off-topic, anonymous comments will be deleted.

Do not spam. Spammers are scum. Spam not only refers to commercialized advertisements as comments, but also to leaving many meaningless comments.
(Think Monty Python, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, EGGS, & SPAM)

You can attack me and call me any kind of mean-spirited thought that you can imagine, that is acceptable.

I will not allow anyone to verbally abuse other commenters, your comment will be deleted. Comment on the messages, not the messenger. If you don’t have an intelligent response, and can only go around name-calling, please create your own blog and do with it what you like.

The list will be revised as needed. That's what great about the internet, everything is dynamic.

Positive ideas are what moves the world forward.


BSB said...

Flirting is good....

Mud slinging isn't..

Thank you for reminding us of that...

Who in their right mind would want to attack you? ;-)

Name-calling is for people who don't have anything better to say... ;-)

Have a great day my friend!


P.S. I would be a little nervous about getting into a car with someone I don't know... I have never hitched a ride but once a gave a ride to this guy because he was asking for directions and I felt bad that I was going right where he wanted to go. My grandmother never let me hear the end of that one!

angry ballerina said...

BSB, shame on you. Didnt anyone tell you not to talk to strangers?!

Pam said...

ACK!! Sorry Nick! I called someone a name in your comments. I thought it was well deserved given that I'm tired of reading his mean-ness on most of the blogs that I visit. But it's not good "slugging" ettiquette, so I apologize. Feel free to delete my comment.

Hey - at least I didn't put balls on his chin!! And maybe, if I flirt a little bit, you will forgive me ;-)??

HillCountryGal said...

Flirt? Did somebody mention flirt? That happens when you're UNDER 50. I wouldn't know if someone was flirting with me if they kissed me. I would think they were just licking off some Hershey's Kisses or something.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

LOL. Hill - People licking Hershey kisses off you? That's why past flirting. Is this something that happens often?

Tom Bailey said...

Sometimes people like to read the mudslinging and some people are turned off by it. I like the positive nature of your blog.

Evil Spock said...

Um, if you're interested, I've got a friend on the Ivory Coast who'd like to put money in your bank account. . .

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

No thanks, I just want eggs.

BSB said...

Mudslinging is one word?

What do you know.... I guess I haven't written that word too often... ;-)

BBC said...

Works for me if that is what you want, but humankind will never grow up that way. :-)

Gracie said...

On a serious note, your post makes good sense to me. I've never understood the reasoning behind someone coming to individual blogsites to either insult the content, blogger or those responding.

Would they do the same face to face? I doubt it seriously yet the internet gives them a sense of security to simply be rude. Go figure.

This time of year seems to make it much worse. Hang in there! :-)

pissed off patricia said...

I think the golden rule works pretty well in this case as it does in most others. I view a blog as a conversation. The poster begins the conversation and the commenters respond. I love it! I also love that I can once again comment on beta sites without having to use the anon sign-in. An early Christmas present from blogger I suppose :)

BSB said...


I can't seem to access FAB's site, it says I have no cookies???


What does that mean?

Can you access her blog?

Thank you!


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I have cookies. You want chocolate chip or oatmeal :-D.


I have no problems accessing her site. Try logging off of blogger than logging back in. I don't know what could be the problem.

Hugs and XXXX

fallenmonk said...

Hi Nick. Thanks for visiting. Welcome. I don't have a lot of time today but from what I see you seem to be a kindred spirit. I will try and behave myself when I stop by.
I also see that some of your commenters are friends of mine as well. Maybe karma is pushing us all together?

Dara said...

These are good rules.

Blueberry said...

I look at my blog like it is my virtual house. Visitors are welcome. Off-topic is OK too, a lot of it is spam, but I check it out and if it's a cool product I leave it (like that "light show guitar pick") -- but not if it's like "Hey great blog! Check out these window treatments". :-P That's like a telemarketer during dinner except it's not ignored, it's deleted.

If the comments are wacky/insane enough (like the "Galileo was wrong" comment) I leave them there for entertainment.

If people are just there to say mean things to me or insult my readers, they get the boot along with their comments. Plenty of blogs out there without them messing up my place with bigotry and stuff.