December 3, 2006

Oh, For the Love of Dog


I forgot the Friday Dog blogging. My life has been so busy the last couple of days that it completely slipped my mind. So here is a late "Friday" Dog/Spirituality post:

(Click on picture to view the Amazon page for this book)

I find that stories of animals are much more interesting than stories about humans.


BSB said...

Hey there!

Glad you didn't forget about the Friday Dog Blogging.. ;-)

I'll go read that story now because animal stories and pictures, to me, are the best because as you know I'm not a grandmother ;-)


BSB said...

Oh! I didn't think I had to buy a book... I thought it was like a short story.. ;-)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BSB, :-( Sorry. I get no royalties, I just post links to books I like. Most of the time I go to the bookstore and read books, or go to the library, but some books make great gifts. I do have lots of books laying around my place all the time. This is one you could read in the bookstore very quickly, but it is hard to find.

If I could get away with posting the book, I would. At least on Amazon you get browse the first few pages, sometimes the whole first chapter.

Hope your having a restful day, I'm busy trying to catch up on my chores. Talk to ya later. Hugs and XXX

BSB said...

Hey there!

That's ok. I might order it from Amazon.. To get an English book I'd have to go in to Montreal. It's not that far away though. About an hour drive.

I am having a restful day though. It has snowed a little and the trees looks very nice. I got a few chores done as well. Cleaned out the fridge and freezer, cleaned under the sink.. you know the fun stuff! ;-)

Not much on I can't stand but there is an interesting documentary on penguins.. ;-)

Catch you later!


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BSB, It is a short book, more pictures than words. Read the reviews before buying on my recommendation. Like I said before I read it in the bookstore in a very short time.

Just wanted you to know! ;-)

Hugs & XXX

BSB said...

Thank you... I'm sure I'll enjoy the pictures anyway.. it seems like a nice book.. ;-) xoxox

BBC said...

Hey Nick, see if you can access
Minou's blog, I'm getting a message that it isn't here.

I can't picture her deleting it though.

36.9 and a misty rain here. Not much snow left. Fine winter weather. Went for a box of books yesterday, came back the scenic route.

Forgot to take my camera.