February 8, 2007

Amazing Art

Does the amazing art at this link make anyone else want to go out and buy an exacto?:



pissed off patricia said...

If I could create art like that I would buy one.

azgoddess said...

that is just amazing...thanks so much for sharing!

Pam said...

Yeah...except mine would be all red. From the blood. B/c I would surely slice my finger open!! ;-).

BSB said...

Good morning!

My answer would be like Pam's.

I'm really not good with my hands at all...well not with art anyways! LOL

Thank you for sharing. I always say that I admire people who can create with their hands!

Have a great day my friend!


BBC said...

Cool art, I own some of them but I don't have time for that. I have a camper to create.

Civic duties, people to bother. LOL

supergirlest said...

AWESOME! pick me up one while you're a it! back in my yearbook days in high school, i never would've thought that an exacto knife could do such marvelous things!