February 27, 2007


Some nights I have a great vivid dreams about past memories and loves. Last night I had one those dreams, and it seem to last all night. I even woke a few times, thought about what the dream was about and fell back to sleep resuming the same dream, more than once. The dream, which I've had many times, in many different forms, always start out great, and ends sadly with me chasing someone that is running away. I'm unable to catch them, unable to move, or lose them in one way or another. One time I lost them in a crowd, one time they fell into water and dissappeared, and another time I was held in place by a unseen force.

In my real life, I lose touch with loved ones because I'm unable deal with all the real complications in life. When people make life get too complicated, I run from them, hoping they'll understand and still allow me in their life. It nevers works that way.

I'm at a point now where I'm ready to run again. This time there is no one to hurt.

Sometimes, keeping life simple, is very empty.

"Too many times I've cared too much
I stood on the edge and saw that you held my hand"


Anonymous said...

Who is the person running away in your dream? Do you know?

When I start feeling like that it's because there is someone new in my life and it simply freaks me out. Pressure of performance and aiming to please....

Question : Who is that new person in your life? ;-)

Sorry I don't have any good advice for you because I'm simply not there yet.


azgoddess said...

i'll hold your hand!! (your quote at the bottom of the post)

and wow, do we have this in common..for me it's people get to starting -- what i call their drama -- and then i don't walk but RUN away...

see, i come back but like you said, but they usually don't want me back -- or they put up with it a few times and then get frustrated and want the running to stop

i do have a few people in my life that have allowed me to come back but i've found they are narcissistic -- they need people to talk to about themselves

so i've been learning how to speak my peace and work thru that feeling of anxiety that i get when the 'drama' starts plus i find living by myself has been a real help -- if i start to feel overwelmed, i can just go home

oh and i've had dreams like that one...where you wake up and then go back to sleep and the dream continues...i look at them like learning/lesson dreams...and try to gleen out of it what i can


angry ballerina said...

Whats all this about dreams??? Wet dreams??? Huh?

supergirlest said...

this here dream of yours have been begging for your attention for quite sometime - and i'm guessing its repeated coming back is a signal that there is something to be addressed. dreams are never exactly what they seem to be a first glance...

i fancy the idea that our dreams are how the unconscious pushes something into our consciousness - something that we need to "take care of" - so to speak...

there's also another theory that you are everything/one in your dream. fun, huh? it could be you that you're losing! any particular commons in your life when the dream comes? the details are significant as well...

if you're waking up and going back to sleep and still having it it's a big 'un!

sorry! i LOVE dream analysis! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Thank you for playing...

Go back and see my answers to yours... ;-)

Have a great day!


BBC said...



But sometimes dreams have no meaning at all other than the fact that your brain is playing with itself because part of it is resting and it's not being subjected to that sleeping part.


I think

What we run away from is


pissed off patricia said...

Maybe the person you are losing is yourself. I have no idea about how to interpret dreams but that was the first thing that came to my mind.

Hang on cause we want you in our lives or we wouldn't visit you each day. Just be yourself, you don't have to be somebody else for anyone.

Old Broad (going back to Hill soon) said...

I read once that dreams were our way to unconsciously work out our problems. I never can remember mine except when I'm taking certain medications from time to time, then the dream is in lush vivid color.

Blueberry said...

I have a lot of those same type dreams -- I lose a person or a pet -- I just keep going through doors and down city streets, over bridges, on busses. I never get hooked up with the lost person again, and usually wake up exhausted and not wanted to go back to sleep.

Either that or I dream about post-WW3 and being some kind of a refugee, but that's sortof the same dream. Bummer. No wonder I never rest.

I think that dreams mean a lot, but only you can figure out the meaning. Nobody else is qualified! :-)