February 7, 2007


I love dark chocolate. I love getting one of the small Dove dark chocolate candies and slowly little the smoothy creamy chocolate melt in in mouth. Savoring the slightly bitter sweetness for as long as I can make it last.

Dove had a cute idea. Put cute, loving, positive affirmations, endearments, and terms of affections inside the foil wrappers of these small candies. So they give your ego a boost, or blush, while your enjoying the chocolate.

Yesterday I go by a coworker's desk, who I know has some of these chocolates, to say "Hi" and steal some candy. I'm not dissappointed, she has just refilled her her candy jar with Dove Darks. These candies are in the shape of hearts for Valentine's Day. I snatch a piece, make a few minutes of gratuitous conversation, then walk outside to savor the convection.

I open the candy and immediately start enjoying it. As it sits on my tongue melting, I flatten out the wrapper to complete this moment of delight. I sit back to read what "Valentine" message I received. It's kind of like reading your fortune from one's of those oriental fortunes. There is a quick moment of anticipation, then I read it. Here is the message on the wrapper:

"Be your own Valentine"

I guess the whole world knows how I spend Valentine's Day. I will indulge myself. Again. /* Big Sigh */


Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Hey, you do understand (and I know that you do) that it's all about consumerism.. ;-) An excuse to spent and make the money roll! ha!

If it makes you feel better. Honey was given to me last Feb 13 for Valentine's Day by a male friend that I had. The kicker here is 2 days before he knowingly made a baby with another friend because she was single..he was single and they thought it would be a good idea to have a child and she would have full responsibily and he would have the pleasure of saying he has a kid! ;-) Nice guy, right? One friend wanted a kid... bravo they have one now..the other friend wanted a dog...she has one now.... isn't he such a generous guy? LOL

I know.. I know.. TMI! ;-)

This day means nothing. One day, if I do have someone in my life, we will not need Feb 14 to tell each other that we appreciate and love each other.

Hey... LOVE YOU! ;-) SEE.. ;-)


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BSB - /** blushes and smile **/ XOXOXXO.

I agree Valentines day is just marketing. True Lovers don't need a day to express their feelings, but maybe a day off. Nah! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I'm all for you day of.. ;-)

Left you this message over on my blog :

Hey Nick,

Please do continue giving blood. You are right that it's too important to give up! I have been in need of many blood transfusion through out my life and I'm always encouraging people to give the gift of life.. ;-)

Yeah..maybe it is self-serving but I'm not the only one you needs it,right? ;-)

You are a special person.. I hope you do know that? ;-)


P.S. I'll be looking forward to this weekend's post! ;-)

Pam said...

Bwwaa Haa Haa!!

My friends and I had this thing that whenever we read a fortune, we added "in bed" to the end of it. So if the fortune says "you are a generous person" it really says "you are a generous person in bed." You should try that with those Dove chocolate sayings ;-). Livens things up a bit.

Oh...and now I am going to crave Dark Chocolate all day long.

angry ballerina said...

I got a fortune cookie once that said "You will get a fortune"

Blueberry said...

Wonder what they are trying to say with that message. Is it "we know you're eating this chocolate as comfort food to soothe your poor lonely tortured soul" or am I reading too much between the lines?

I guess I one should never read between the lines on a candy wrapper. Now there's something to put inside a fortune cookie.

Evil Spock said...

Bah, Evil Spock doesn't trust snippets of the future attached to sweet confections. Evil Spock prefers to get Evil Spock's fortune by Magic 8 balls.

Will Evil Spock find Evil Spock's keys?

shakes 8 ball

"Ask again later."

Dammit, Evil Spock needs keys now! Evil Spock needs to get lunch!

mad said...

Anyone who can make up Dylan lyrics on the spot like that deserves a box of chocolates. Thanks for commenting. That was totally hilarious, man.

supergirlest said...

i say poopoo on the halmark holiday! :)

it's funny, i took that message in the chocolate to mean something different entirely... hhhmmmm....

pissed off patricia said...

That's one of those life's little pleasures. The taste of good candy.

I'll be the doo doo in the punch bowl here and say I love Valentine's day. :)

BBC said...

I'll be doing some renewing of weddings for couples. That is always fun. I haven't booked a new wedding yet this year.

Will do one on the 24th though.

I don't care about the commercial part of it. But I love the celebrations and sharing of that with others.