February 4, 2007

Faking It

Today is the concocted celebration climax of the fake plastic American society.

Today we celebrate the ultimate in worthless entertainment and insults to sports by spending millions and partying around the great U.S. mind control machine to watch the ultimate in micro-managed distraction of another episode of football, American style.

We don't want real sports, we just want something to spend our money on and another reason to drink kool-aid beers, and a bunch of fried food that all tastes the same, fried.

Why? Why don't we appreciate a real sport. One that is played all over the world, soccer. Because that requires too much endurance for any U.S. American athlete to perform, it doesn't allow the raging antics of teams of coaches, and it doesn't use enough complexity, Americans love complexity. Take the simplest task, and see how Americans can screw it up by micro-managing it to death.

Thanks to Genevieve for the Golden pictures

Soccer is a beautiful sport, it is simple, the players play without taking a break every 10 seconds. There is only one coach, sitting quietly one the sidelines, letting the players play the game. Believe it or not, the U.S. is world renown for it's soccer. Women's soccer! hehe.

I won't be turning on the mind-control machine tonight.

That is unless I can find some women's sport to watch, like beach volleyball. Oh yeah! What's the score? I don't know, I just like watching those athlete's play that game.

You see, I can be shallow.


Anonymous said...

Good morning!

Well I won't comment on American football because "we" Canadians enjoy hockey..so I would say that it's in no way shape or form better... ;-(

Anyhow, I'm not into team sports anyway. Just can't stand competition so I'll let other people sweat it and beat themselves into a frenzy.. can't be bothered.

I'm more into Geneviève.. that's more my style.. ;-)

Hey..great pict of you in your bedroom... ;-)

Any runs this weekend?

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...
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Blueberry said...

Good for you niCk! I agree on the sports. American football is just so gross and so wrong on so many levels. The corporate crap, no-neck fatsos, steroids, and not-worth-it sports heroes.

Rant away! And drink some good beer!

Pam said...

Superbowl? What Superbowl??

Well, you can see what I am doing and it ain't watching no damn superbowl. The whole debacle embodies much of what is wrong with our society, imo.

Anonymous said...

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Evil Spock said...

Oh, the Super Bowl is fun.

As a fan that was converted through fantasy sports, I've appreciated the chess match that is played with real people.

As many have read from my blog, I have a lot of varied interests, with a proclivity towards art and music. Sports is just another facet of myself, that I believe makes me a more well-rounded individual.

Sports is a great way for communities to come together. The Super Bowl is a prime example.

I can understand hating the commercialism, but there's nothing wrong with game of American Football. It's not like FIFA and the World Cup doesn't pimp their sport all around the world.

Oh, and Football is the descendant of Rugby, not Soccer.