February 2, 2007

Spirit in the Sky

Sirius (constellation Canis Major), the first star to be seen as the day turns to night. The brightest star in our sky, after the sun, can sometimes be seen during daylight hours.

The stars, these are real spirits. These spirits contain the material history of the universe, the past and future of it's evolution, and the mysterious truth of creation.

Here, in the spirits of the sky, a Dog shines bright.

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BSB said...

Good morning!

What a coincidence... ;-)


I read this book with my students and the dog in the story in named Sirius after the constellation and it's explained in the book.

I had a man come in last year with a Newfoundland dog. Huge but gentle animals they are. My students were quite impressed. They look like little poneys they are so big. Needless to say better behaved than Honey & Lush! LOL

Have a great weekend my friend!

Love ya!


azgoddess said...

love the book...smile

and funny thing -- i blogged about Luna....

have a wonderous weekend...enjoy your run(s)

BSB said...

Have I imagined this or have you blogged before about :

A Good Dog by Jon Katz.

My friend Annick gave me the book last night and seems to me I have seen the cover on here.

Is it possible?

Blueberry said...

You can't be Sirius!
:::ducking and running for bad pun:::

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BSB - Link: Update: A Dog Year
"A Good Dog" is the fourth in Katz's series about his seeking a new direction in his life and how he came to have Border Collie's. He originally had two laid-back Lab's, then a hyperactive Border Collie came into his life. I think "Orson" is the subject of the fourth book, but I don't know for sure, it is the only one I have yet to read.

AZ - Lunacy is allowable today. "Well, its a marvelous night for a moondance"

Blue - It's good. I like puns. I'm one of those people that laughs at puns -- when they're good and punny.

Old Broad said...

The dog melts my heart.
And the luna was magnificent last night.

azgoddess said...

thanks for the moondance -- just love that song and the u-tube was great with all the pics...

BBC said...

So that fancy race horse they just put down, it should make some pretty good dog food. After all, nothing in nature should go to waste.

Ah, the stars and all that other stuff out there, it's just solidified cosmic cum created by the sexual energies that create everything.

I suppose that it will be a few hundred more years before they accept that though.