February 11, 2007

The Blogosphere Reports

Thanks to Blueberry over at Texas Oasis for pointing out that today, February 11, is second anniversary of Evolution Sunday. This day was created by Christians to acknowledge the science of evolution.

Denying that humans evolved in this day and age is a waste of time. Humans brains evolved too far to return to the ages of ignorance. In the U.S., too many try to debate creation versus science, while the rest of the world understands that these two worlds, science and religion, can exist at the same time, they are compatible.

February 12 is Darwin's birthday.

From Undeniable Liberalism:

Do you know who this is? I'll give you a clue. She died last Thursday, Febuary 8.

She is Captain Jennifer Harris. She was killed while piloting her CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter north of Baghdad. She was 27 on her third tour of duty in the U.S.'s occupation of Iraq. She had less than a week left on her tour.

A meaningful life ignored.

I want to know more about her. The news needs to tell us the story of her heroic life.

Instead, the U.S. media brings you news of the death of some doped-up brainless unattractive bimbo slut and the paternity of her child, which no one has any clue who the father is because the trampy mother slept with too many men. The U.S. News media worships Anna Nicole Slut. If this is what the American public wants to see on the news, it is shameful.

What comes out on the news is based on ratings, and ratings is what brings in the money. They are whores, more willing to make a few extra bucks, than having just an ounce of integrity. Just like the wench, who is the object of their affection.



Undeniable Liberal said...

There is much more to know about that young lady, but you have to dig for it. However, anything remotely connected to the bimbo is all over the place. My home page is a news page with links to ABC and CBS and it appears that 75% of their news today is about said bimbo.
Thanks for the shout out, bro.

angry ballerina said...

While I agree with you on the fact that Captain Harris needs to media play, she did after all die in the line a duty, therefore jotting her down as a hero (in my own book), I think that you are being a bit to harsh on the likes on Anna Nicole Smith.
Just as you don't know anything about Harris, we (the public) only knew what the media fed up about Anna Nicole. I am not defending her as a person, but as a mother. There is going to be a child that is going to grow up with out a mother (however her childhood would have been is a moot point. It is not our job to jump the gun and say she would have been a bad mother, we do not know).

Captin Harris had her life taken away from her and her loved ones for a confusing and misleading cause. She was only doing her job. It funny when you look at somepeoples jobs and you see them truly as JOBS, but when you look at someone in the Armed Forces you look at them in a diffrent light. Its strange to consider getting shot at, and putting your life in danger as a job. Needless to say, two people are no longer on this planet to share life with there loved ones. Thanks for shedding light on this (Harris) so i dont have to blog about it :)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

UL - Thank you for bringing us some worthwhile news. I lurk on your site almost daily.

Angry Yes, I agree. I'm a bit harsh on Anna, becuase the news is paying too much attention to her. The child is better off, but the money, and the fame will most-likely make her another airhead glamour queen.

The possible influence of Anna on another child was frightening. The best thing that can happen to that child is that the news media ignores her so she can have a normal life, but that won't happen in the U.S. THAT is shameful.

Blueberry said...

On Anna Nicole, I saw a banner somewhere that said something like "forum for fans of A.N." and I am thinking "how does someone like her get fans?" Most people with fans have done something, created something, helped someone... I guess her fans are people who felt sorry for her in a sympathetic way or positive way. It's puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Anna Nicole who??? Never heard of her....