May 24, 2007

Blind Allegiance

This is the last frame of today's Dilbert strip.

(Scott, I'm giving you full credit and even kept the copyright mark on your work, so please don't sue me for stealing your work for my use.)

This is what little Bu$h Junior expects from you while he destroys the foundation of our nation.

/* Sarcasm On */
No Thinking! If you think, you are a bad American. STOP all thinking! We are supposed be a nation of under-achiever's, with Homer Simpson as our Hero, Bart Simpson as our future. Let the government do your thinking for you, they know best.

Become a good U.S. American, stop forming your own opinions, bad people, take your feel-good drugs, and always smile, you are being watched. Smile DAMMMIT!
/* Sarcasm Off */



Nancy said...

Good morning!

I have always said that people who are always happy are surely heavily medicated! ;-)

I consider you a great American with voices in his head! It can't get any better than that! LOL

Je t'aime.

pissed off patricia said...

When I read the cartoon, I thought, this is a bush speech in much fewer and more honest words.

angry ballerina said...

So, I had this really great comment about sucking cock and how it's directly related to Bushie Bush, BUT, I'm brain dead today. If I remember it, I'll post it. gaaaa.

Pam said...

Don't forget our corporate-controlled media. They are partners with Bu$hCo is keeping up dumbed up.


Nancy said...

It's official. FAB could be an organ donor today! Woohoo!

angry ballerina said...

Ha, nice Nancy.

Blueberry said...

/* Sarcasm On */
Everything is going to be just fine.

And Homeland Security would like to brush up on that "Duck and Cover" routine that you've forgotten.

If you don't like what's on the news, remember these words:
"La-la-laaaa. I'm not listening".

There is Happy News today and every day.
/* Sarcasm Off */

Evil Spock said...

I've given up. Its time to cash in, buy the SUV, and wait for the sweet rapture.

Nancy said...

Good morning!
It's Friday! ;-) ;-) ;-)

BBC said...

Scott isn't going to pick on you if you didn't give him credit, like he knows your blog exists. Everyone uses his stuff. Hell, it's not his stuff anyway, do you really think he has had an original thought?

Besides, going after everyone would soon break him.