May 29, 2007

Active Voice



These are just words, they are not actions.

Fuck is just a (word?obscenity?exclamation?).

Love is a word. Love is an action.

Some use words to express love. Some show their love by tearing off a piece of their soul to be trampled on and abused.

I can no longer ACT ACT ACT ACT ACT on my feelings, so I fill the empty spaces with WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS WORDS .

Go ahead, "Take another little piece........"



pissed off patricia said...

Janice Joplin springs to mind as I read your post. Remember that song?

angry ballerina said...

I call my boyfriends 'slick'. It keeps things simple since I have a hard time keeping them apart.

Pam said...

Fuck is an action too...sometimes ;-).

AB - roflmao!!

Paws said...

Nick- that poem is SPECTACULAR.

Love is action- Andrew Vachss wrote that in a letter to me- over 10 years ago-

I totally agree

Paws said...

AB - you frequently crack me up -
Anyone get called - dick or- slick dick ???!!!

angry ballerina said...

Paws- No, but I did call 'Slick' a 'dick' the other night.

Anonymous said...

Some people use words and actions to suck people in and when emotions get involved well it was simply not part of the package deal. Emotions, huh? What are those??? We have to be pragmatic about relationships nowadays.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

PoP - Janis Joplin was in my head when I wrote this. "You know youve got it if it makes you feel good"

AB - Just call me "Slick Nick" ;)

Pam - Yeah, I've been the recepient of that action.

Paws - Andrew Vachss the author?

AB - Slick, Nick, Dick, Mick, Bick, Fick. Fick! FICK!

Nancy - Hey, you're hair is getting so long girl. The joy of love of a pet is real, the pain is real when we lose them. Even so, with all the pain, we come back for more. It's all worth it in the end. Love Ya!

angry ballerina said...

OK Nick, u and Nancy are gonna make me lose my cookies.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

AB - How convenient for you!

Anonymous said...

Hummm I don't get it??? Could somebody explain ... cookies and that being convenient.. hummm

angry ballerina said...

Ok, how many frikken ways to I have to spell this shit out?!

BBC said...

I love you also.