May 25, 2007

Running Away

I have an addiction. Some people praise me the more satisfy my cravings. Other's ask why. The addiction controls me. I cannot function properly until my craving is fulfilled. It consumes my life. I don't feel right until get what I need. If I'm depressed, a fix instantly improves my mood. If I'm mad, it quells the rage. When anxious, it calms me, when I can't think clearly, it clears my mind. If I can't satisfy my hunger, my addiction suppresses the appetite. I use it to handle all my problems.

My addiction is running. I started running to stay in shape. I was in the military and was tested once year, and the test was running. But now, I don't need to run. I run because I want to. I've tried to quit, but I just end up wanting to run even more. Most people think running is a healthy activity, but is it healthy when it becomes an obsession? My whole social life revolves around the next weekend running event that I'll attend. I'm not fast enough to win any awards, but I get an occasional door prize. But there are many other running addcits that I can talk to about this addiction. Running has become more important than work. If I couldn't run because of work, I'd have to find another job, or another way to make a living.

Is there a runner's anonymous? I have not been resting like I should be, I have been sneaking out and running, and I don't feel bad about it. Should I just sit still and feel depressed about not being able to do the things I enjoy, or should I just do them and enjoy life the only way I know how?

Dogs love to run, I'm just middle-aged dog.



Peacechick Mary said...

I'd say just run until you don't have to anymore. I think running has it's own way of working things out and you'll know when it's done.

Anonymous said...

When I hear about all that running I just think "wow! this man must have great knees" My knees are so bad I just can't run, impossible.

There is nothing wrong with the fact that you run, as long as you don't hurt yourself. Moreover, it's a great way for you to meet people who share your passion.

Not all dogs like to run. Luscious can't run anymore. Although when I take them to the park, Honey likes to make a go at it. ;-)

quells: mmmmm new word for me.

SEX wouldn't be as hard on that tendon of yours.. wink.. and it's as beneficial when depressed! LOL

Take care and have a great weekend!


angry ballerina said...

Sooooo have you gotten laid yet?

Mary said...

As far as addictions go this is a pretty good one as long as you don't injure yourself. Ummm...but angry ballerina does have a valid point.

angry ballerina said...

Of course I do!!!

BBC said...

I think that you should slow down and stop getting that high because the low that comes later isn't worth it.

You run right past the enjoyments of nature and everything else.

Go biking, and not fast biking, go camping, slow the fuck down. You can't fix anything with your running.

Nothing I say, nothing. Go drink some beer with friends.

Pam said...

If it makes you can't be that bad....unless it's crack or something. We all have our addictions. Like this damn blogging.

Get a plane ticket to Canada already, wouldya!!?!? There'd be less of a need to run if you would just do as AB suggests ;-).

angry ballerina said...


BadTux said...

Just feel lucky you can still run. I can't run anymore. Bad knees. Running makes them hurt, they can't take the pounding. Strangely, though, going uphill for days at a time with 30 pounds on my back doesn't make them hurt at all (well, maybe a little soreness addressable via ibuprofen) even though my breathing tells me I'm putting out the same amount of effort.

One day you will no longer be able to run, so might as well run now while you can...

-- Badtux the non-running Penguin