May 12, 2007

Caring, Dignified, Almost Needless,......

Caring, Dignified, Almost Needless, Quiet, Moody, Picky, and Impatient.

The other day a co-worker called me moody. I picked up my mouse and and tossed it into the monitor, and replied pack in an upset tone "I'm not MOODY!", stood up and walked away in a flurry of rage. The whole scene was supposed to be my attempt at humor.

Later, the coworker came by and apologized, saying she didn't mean to upset me. I told it didn't, I was trying to be funny. She insisted "No, you were upset". I couldn't convince I was just playing around being moody because she called me moody.

This is one of the qualities I lack, which so many seek. I will not be the one to make you laugh. I have a dry sense of humor, sometimes all I can manage out of people are puzzled looks. I do have a great sense of humor, but sometimes it hard to tell when I'm "humored" because I don't always laugh at the humor I find funny.

So should I change my "Personal Ad" to reflect all the honesty about myself? Would that work and not discourage potential victims dates? What do women really want?

BTW, I haven't had a date in over a year, I haven't been trying. I don't know if I can expose the real me to anyone else and not feel bad about it.

Here is my Personal Ad, let's waste time Chasing Cars.



Nancy said...

Good morning!

I like that song. ;-)

It's rare we see you around on the weekends!

I read your personal ad on somebody else's blog. Why should you make changes and try to sweetened it up. Unless you want to attract those types of ladies, then change it.

I haven't done too well with the dating scene. My friend got me to open up an ad because that's the only way I got to meet men. The men I've dated where through the Internet and needless to say it sucked.

I felt they were on the date with me, interviewed me like for a job and then ran home and checked the Internet just in case they could find better. Of course they could and the could find worse too.. ;-)

My last date (as you know) was last January and I haven't heard from him since. ;-) He wanted to come back in March but it was pointless ... because I knew he wanted somebody who lived close by and he has found her. Good for him.

I have given up on dating, I can't be bothered anymore.

Perhaps you should attempt it especially if it has been a while. My friends have met wonderful people through these types of services and as they say, you never know.. ;-)

Have a great day my friend!



Nancy said...

Ok.. I didn't read correctly.

Do mean your ad doesn't portray you correctly? I though it did and you wanted to sweeten it up.. ;-) LOL

Sorry.. ;-)

Blueberry said...

Dry humor is my favorite kind, but it takes a bit more intelligence on the part of the other person to "get it".

As for the dating thing, it seems that the things I want seem to find me after I've stopped looking for them. Very odd, but my life works that way sometimes.

angry ballerina said...

hrmmm/.....i think your datelessness is gonna change soon Nicki m'boy

Peacechick Mary said...

I read a thing that says if you reconcile yourself to be single for the rest of your life, the right person will come along...soooo you could fake it, maybe? Who knows, you may attract so many dates/victims that you'll be beating them off with a stick. I do think things are gonna change for you very soon.

Pam said...

Okay, I LOVE that song and on that alone I would ask you out. Well, except for that pesky man who lives with me might get upset ;-).

I loved your profile. You could put something in there about being moody and having a dry sense of humor, I suppose. I agree totally with blueberry - it takes intelligence to "get it." You wouldn't want to be with a woman who wasn't intelligent anyway, would you?

I would also extend your age range a bit, especially upwards. What's wrong with older women?

I also predict you will be dating soon. Just remember you might have to kiss A LOT of frogs before you find Princess Charming.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - I thought my ad was on the positive side, and wanted to add in some of my other "qualities".

Blueberry - I get along great with people who get that kind of humor. Ever seen "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead"?

angry - Are you doing WC Fields impressions?

Peacechick - I did that a year ago, reconcile to be forever single. The line at the door hasn't started yet, how long does it take? Not that I want that, I'm Forever Single Man.

Pam - Frogs? HHMM. There are lots of frogs here.

BBC said...

Ah, Sinfest, one of God's favorite cartoonists. He also has great struggles with the screwed up women on this planet.

Throw your mouse at the monitor all you want, you won't hurt it. Do you know how thick the glass on a monitor and TV is? Really thick and hard to break, you have to hit it pretty hard with a hammer to break one up.

No date for over a year, me either, you are getting wiser and not having anything to do with these screwed up women on this planet.

I talk to them, I help them, but I won't take them home to meet my cats, or in your case your dog.

As I've said before, I love the idea of women, I just don't like what they have become. Hugs.

Mitch said...

Just to balance things out a little bbc, there are some pretty scary men out there too!! and I got married to two of them, how lucky can a gal get?

What I don't understand about some men (and some women) is that they have something really nice going for them, and then they decide to destroy it - my present hublet seems to appreciate being happy. Some people just want to chase misery all the time, like they don't believe in being happy. Perhaps not being a happy person makes them want to take happiness away from others . . . OK, I'll get off the soapbox for now.

Anyway, EVERYBODY makes mistakes and it is all part of the 'rich tapestry of life' - so get weaving Nick, oh I see you already have!!!

Nice ad and very nice music - what is there not to like about you?

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Good morning!

Add away then... ;-) I remember when I had an ad, I would change it every so often... ;-)

When you think about it, we do change so the ad should follow suit!

Have a great day!


Evil Spock said...

If Evil Spock were gay, Evil Spock would totally go out with you.

Because we're the same size and I could double my wardrobe.

Mary said...

I like that cartoon. I think the ad is great. I can't imagine having to get out there and date. I would be scared. Good luck. :-)

angry ballerina said...

Do I have to make a comment to what Evil Spock wrote or can I just leave it hangin'?

Nancy said...

Leave it hangin...

supergirlest said...

oh, now... you make me laugh! in fact, i laughed at your response to your co-worker - out loud! totally what i would have done. believe you me - it isn't you - it is them.

azgoddess said...

comment on the cartoon...that dude should have been straight up -- man's only needs are between his legs...laughing...