May 31, 2007

Picking Up The Pieces

Brick Art

I feel like that blue man in the middle, slowly trying to put myself back together. I wonder if all the pieces are still there?

What's missing? There should be a pink female sculpture, eating the blue pieces. (Shut-up niCk, you don't have to listen to all the voices.)


angry ballerina said...

Pink? Eating? Blue? Hrmmm....You need to get laid.

Mitch said...

thanks for the pics - I was interested in this since many years ago I took my daughter to legoland in Denmark. It's fantastic what Nathan has been able to build, and he used to be a Wall Street Lawyer - well no-one's perfect ;-) At least he's discovered his 'inner child'!

azgoddess said...

aw, listeing to the voices makes life

i feel like that red person -- half here - sigh

Anonymous said...

Yellow's my colour but pink's pretty cute too... ;-)

I thought you were more into meaty curves? hummmmm

Different fantasy for different days... ;-)

Brick would be a little too rough for me.. LOL I'm not that kinky!


supergirlest said...

you. delight. me.

BBC said...

"There should be a pink female sculpture,"

Why? Do you like punishment?

The vice president of the local chapter of the INSANE CHICKS SOCIETY called me this evening and I just flat told her that I have a good life and I'm tired of women screwing with me.

I don't need her and I made that pretty clear. I need love and sex but I can buy that without all the bullshit.

It may be temporary love, but what love isn't? And it's lot cheaper sex than always trying to please these messed up women. Hugs.

Evil Spock said...

Those are extremely cool.

Evil Spock agrees about a female structure. Evil Spock needs to see some Lego boobs.