August 27, 2006

I just felt like commenting........

My Blogs for Bush comment "Deleted - really asinine...".

Here is my deleted comment from the Blogs for Bush site. (I mistook it as as Neo-conservative satire site) To be fair to the Bush Bloggers, it was off-topic:

LOL, Now I'm a liberal because I think this is a satirical site. Coming from the "wisdom" I see on this site, I take that as a compliment.

I have always been an independent thinker, not letting the popular media control my mind and opinions. I have always leaned more conservative than liberal. Neo-Conservative opinions like this blog and Fox "News" are mere propaganda. They do not have the journalistic integrity to be taken seriously. Blending facts with opinions and pushing it out with partison rhetoric is irresponsible in a country whose ideology is supposed to be based rational and logic consideration of its people and not on one extremist group like the far-far-right portrayed here.

This is like a scary version of "Beverly Hillbillies" go political.

But if this is serious, you have the right to have your say. Please keep up the hard work. Really, I mean it! If this is what the American public wants, they deserve it.

Their response:


You haven't the slightest right to comment here at all - it isn't your blog.

No more needs be said. Let them "remove all doubt". I thought I was posting on an open forum, Like WatchBlog, where the left, right and independents can have intelligent partisan debate, but I guess it really is a extreme right-wing controlled site, opposing views must be censored.

Damn, why do I pay attention to such political nonsense.

I came across this site in my daily blog reading from the link below at SWIFTSPEECH, which I was led to from BBC's post about Stella's Struggle Post:

Extra, Extra! "Blogs for Bush" Declares: Science is Dead! Extra, Extra!

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BBC said...

Repubs and many so called self important 'turds' can't take a little truth and shit my friend, they will always not allow you to post what they think are negative things about them.

I've had that happen at Huffpost a number of times. We just move on, go where others can take it and let us join them.