August 30, 2006


Warning: Waxing philosophical today, I'm hating work. All I want to do is read and write (and run, of course). I'm tired of this mindless distraction humans create so that they can ignore life, look at that, I'm doing it now.

Our existence, the existence of all life on our bit of cosmic depris, is mindblowing. We live on a relatively thin, cracked crust of basalt and granite floating on a cocktail of boiling rock which is ready to detonate in an all obliterating sulphurous fireball. This sphere is not only spinning on its axis but is also is hurtling through space at over 107,000 km/h. This is quick. The muzzle velocity of an M16 rifle is 3,510 km/h and Concorde used to cross the Atlantic at 2,171 km/h. Oh, let us not forget the pieces of rock, asteroids and black holes which are peppered along the way. Our journey through our universe is like cars and truck cruising along a Interstate highway. Sometimes the way is clear, sometimes it gets crowded. Eventually things crash and bump into each other. Philosophers and other strange people have considered whether the Earth and the Universe are the grains of sand in a desert of a giant parallel universe or whether in fact a grain of sand on a beach is in turn a universe containing billions and billions of stars and planets teeming with life. Just trying to put things in perspective. The chance for our existence is very, very , very miniscule, yet here we are. We need to celebrate the consciousness we have and enjoy it for the small fraction of "time" we are allowed to use this incredible gift of awareness we have been given. Tomorrow is uncertain. What we doing to make the most of life? Judging others - Killing - Destroying the planet - Inventing meaningless superstitions to make sense of what we are, and why we are here.

So what should we do with to make the most of this gift of life. Only you know the answer to that. How about dance.

"There are organizing principles in the universe which we can no more understand than my dog" -- Kurt Vonnegut

"Dear Future Generations, Please accept our apologies. We were roaring drunk on petroleum. Love, 2006 A.D." -- Kurt Vonnegut

Later, Got to run. I mean literally, I need to run. I need a endorphine fix. I'll be thinking of each and every one of you.


BBC said...

Kurt Vonnegut is pretty interesting isn't he? Enjoys telling us that we are idiots. Only I had already figured it out.

And this idiot has to go do some more painting today, have a great day friends.

Bold? (this is just a test)

cyndy lu who said...

We are standing on a planet, on a planet that's revolving, revolving at ten million miles an hour… lalalalala! :)

azgoddess said...

i'll dance with it!!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BBC? ..But Time makes you bolder... :D

cyndy lu who: Is that why I'm always so dizzy?

"the dizzy, dancing way you feel....."

azgoddess: yes, lets dance

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

"lets dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues"

BBC said...

No-no... Can't dance the blues, be merry, sing and shout. Put on a red dress and dance like tomorrow will never come and love will never hurt.

Time has made me a little bolder I suppose Nick. What do I have to lose? And like my sign by the door says, "Just be yourself."

Cyndy lu... U'r kinda interesting, do you have a blog?

cyndy lu who said...

Gee- Thanks. I usually just stick to reading other people's blogs.

enigma4ever said...

love your blog...have to add you to my blogroll...