August 8, 2006

Stubborn Mule

Only in Alabama.

I think if Cindy Sheehan would have used these tactics, King W (Bush) would've brought the troops home by now. (or gouged his eyes out)

Please Dear Leader, bring them home, or the highways are going to be filled with old naked cowboys. Who knows, Willie Nelson might join the protest. GAH!

From the AP wire:

FORT PAYNE, Alabama - Gerald Lynn Kelley decided to protest the war in Iraq by walking along a highway in a cowboy hat and boots. Just a cowboy hat and boots.

He said he realizes he broke the law and does not encourage streaking, but he hopes the incident encourages people to speak out against the war. Kelley, 52, was charged with public lewdness in the July 30 incident.

"My dad told me years ago if you've got a stubborn mule, you've got to hit him across the head with a 2-by-4 in order to get his attention," he said.

Kelley said he regrets a church event was occurring in a nearby park at the time of his protest. He said he marched in the opposite direction.

Deputy Mike James said deputies were sent to Hammondville after receiving calls about two men walking nude along U.S. 11. The other man could not be found.

Kelley, out of jail on a $1,500 bond, would not comment on anyone else's involvement.

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