August 21, 2006

Ramble On


I have an addiction. Some people praise me the more I give into my cravings. Other's ask why. The addiction controls me. I cannot function properly until my craving is fulfilled. It consumes my life. I don't feel right until get what I need. If I'm depressed, a fix instantly improves my mood. If I'm mad, it quells the rage. When anxious, it calms me, when I can't think clearly, it clears my mind. If I can't satisfy my hunger, my addiction suppresses the appetite. I use it to handle all my problems.

My addiction is running. I started running to stay in shape. I was in the military and was tested once year, and the test was running. But now, I don't need to run. I run because I want to. I've tried to quit, but I just end up wanting to run even more. Most people think running is a healthy activity, but is it healthy when it becomes an obsession? My whole social life revolves around the next weekend running event that I'll attend. I'm not fast enough to win any awards, but I get an occasional door prize. But there are many other runner's that I can talk to about running. Running has become more important than work. If I couldn't run because of work, I'd have to find another job, or another way to make a living.


Why are so many people preoccupied with the existence of God?

Look, it's even happening to me. Humans have this obsession because evolution has developed the human mind for survival. We have an internal instinct to survive, even after death. The survival instinct is strong, people obsess about it and create fantasies so they can believe, even after their death, their consciousness will continue.

This sentiency is real, but it only exists within the physical structure of the mind. When the mind dies, so do your thoughts and brain functions. The mind is not where the spirit resides. I do believe were are eternal, but not in the popular way religions use to explain eternity. The material of the universe, including our planet, is all made from the same matter. We were made from the earth, and when we die, if left to nature, we return to the earth, to be risen again in some other form, no matter what happens to the earth, our substance will live.

Everything evolves, that is a fact, and there is plenty of evidence. Long after humans have disappeared from this planet, the material we were made of will continue in some other form. The universe, the solar system, the earth, and all things upon the earth. They are all as alive as we are, we just think we're "divine" because of the how the human mind has evolved.

Ancient minds didn't understand as much as we do know, and still our knowledge is very limited.  There is much we will never know.  I'm okay with that. God is wonderfully complex but incredible simple at the same time, and beyond comprehesion of what the human mind is capable of so far. Distances and times are just too great.

As we look beyond the earth, the solar system, we find more and more knowledge, but there is much yet to be discovered, and much  humans will never discover? The more we discover about the material of our existence, the cells, the molecules, the atoms, the nucleus, the more we understand how life evolved on this planet.  As technology increases, we discover more and more, however it is not possible to know everything. People replace what they don't know and call it "God". Well, okay, I don't disagree with that, but the ancient literature that has been created by man to define God, has actually very little to do with reality or fact.  That literature is anti-spiritual, full of rules and control that has nothing to do with the real nature of God. People and God killing other people and destroying nature because they want you to believe their opinions.

Everyone's mind is an unique evolution of previous minds.  No two minds are exactly alike.

Instead of trying to control people with repulsive ancient rules from ancient fables and folklore created by humans who had much less knowledge than we do today, lets live in a way that creates and protects life, all life, not just human, but animals, plants and the planetary ecosystems we need to survive.

To me, God is an abstract term to give a name to the unknown power or source of our creation, the creation of all universe and the life within. To act to destroy any part of this is an act to destroy God. If you look to define God the same for everyone, that kind of God only exists within your mind, and the submissive minds of those who cannot think for themselves. Let me have my illusion of God and I'll let you have yours, but don't tell me I'm wrong, when you seek to explain something you cannot know, then base it on human-created literature known to be false and immoral.

People, let yourself out of the cage and start living life before it's over. If you can do that, maybe I will one day.


BBC said...

God is an idiot, but drop by and I'll drink a beer with you.

Minou said...

Damn it Nick, you said it all before I could!*!?$*!

God is an adolescent creator, the universe is a school project that has gone terribly wrong, and his parents don't know what to do about him - he is out of control!!

Now you know how gerbils feel.

See you again soon.

Chrlane said...

Somebody needs a hug.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

BBC - “Beer is proof that G-d loves us and wants us to be happy” - Ben Franklin

Minou - Gerbils, HHMMM. That explains it better than I did with hundreds of words. We are just an amusement for some "higher" intellect.

chrlane - Be careful, you don't know what you're getting into when you hug me, I'll hug you back.

Chrlane said...

Who says it was an offer? LOL!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

DOH! Another one runs quickly away.

Chrlane said...