August 10, 2006

More Useless Words

As long as humans are infested on this planet, we will have creationism fantasies, conspiracy theories, gossip and hearsay based on exaggeration of facts and ignorant prejudiced human views. It is the nature of humans to make reality more complex than it really is, to believe the worst from other humans, to be afraid of those that are different from us, and to put our own own needs ahead of others.

But, some say I'm not "human", since I believe that creationism is a mere metaphor of how the universe and humans on earth came into existence. Evolution is the reality. Emotion versus Science. It doesn't matter what you believe, but how you treat the "creation" that "G-d" made and evolved to it's present state. Humans are not the most important living thing on this planet, this planet survived long before humans infested it and started destroying it for their endless materialistic needs and selfish cravings.

In my view, the religious literalists are the ones who lack morality and ethics to live in a world were they are not the only "divine" animal creation.

Is there any beer left?


BBC said...

Human, spirit, people sure get confused about that. Most seem to think spirit is a religion, wrong!!! Spirit is just something that tries to flow through you.

Yup, plenty of beer at my place, just bought another thirty pack. Needed to put up with this stupid planet and the Insane Chicks. Bless their little hearts.

BBC said...

I've got it!!! We need to make a sucking the insane chicks tits song. LOL

Anonymous said...

you and bbc and badtux ought to have your own show