March 14, 2007

Ava Lowery

Here's an article in Mother Jones. The article, by Samantha M. Shapiro, is about a girl named Ava Lowery, 16, who lives in a small town called Alexander City, about an hour's drive from Montgomery, Alabama.

Ava produces professional-quality antiwar videos that she posts on her website.

Thank you Supergirlest, who first pointed me to this wise teenager's talent a few weeks ago.

Ava received death threats from angry Bush supporters after a particularly tragic piece, "WWJD".

Cowards are threatening teenage girls who don't share their nationalism or your short-sighted ideals. Is that courage? Is that bravery? HELL NO! They need to be scared! This teenager shows much more morality and wisdom than they can fit in their tiny, fearful, bigoted, pinhead brains.

Visit her site, Her videos are short, but amazing.


angry ballerina said...

Who threatens a 16 YEAR OLD?! What the hell!?

azgoddess said...

thanks for the link -- glad you're getting to word out!!

supergirlest said...

yay! the article is up now!!!! :)

BBC said...


I wonder though what she would be saying if she lived in Iraq and was a Muslim. Americans have such a tunnel vision.

I thank her not supporting the war though.

Frederick said...

Ava's the best, a modern day hero.

pissed off patricia said...

Who's first idea about someone who doesn't agree with you, is to harm them or kill them? Boy, talk about desperate.

I've seen her interviewed, she's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Ignorance causes much hatred.

She is strong and has great values. She probably has wonderful parents who support her.

Very often today's youth get bad reputations. It's good to see one who has her head on straight! ;-)


Blueberry said...

Wow! She has got some powerful talent. Really gets the point across with a simple approach and style. Thanks for the post!