March 5, 2007

Fiscal Cancer

The nation's top accountant, David M. Walker, appeared on 60 Minutes last night to try and raise awareness of the our impending Economic Doom I blogged about last October. He is STILL trying to get people to listen.

Here is the 60 Minutes story: Fiscal Cancer.

The current executive administration is trying to ignore this problem, to pass it along to the next administration. The fiscal irresponsibility of our current leader is a major cause for what will become a certain economic crisis in our near future. We haved robbed our grandkids and future generations, to have a small bit prosperity now. By bankrupting the U.S., our "Leader" has done more damage to the U.S. than the radical religious extremist terror groups could have ever dreamed of achieving. Makes you kind of wonder who is the real enemy.

If our "Leader" had been the CEO of large company, he would have to answer for the fraud and perjury he has committed, and he certainly would have been discharged from this position by now.

Do you know what is the German word for "The Leader"? Is it "Der F├╝hrer". Chilling, isn't it?

Okay, that is just name-calling, I'm mad about this and I don't know what to do. America, WAKE UP! We can't go around saying "We Didn't Know", like the Germans did after the last World War. We do know, but everyone is ignoring it. WHY?

This "Leader" has not been successful in anything, and the one thing he claims he has been successful at, keeping the economy strong, is now confirmed by the U.S. Government Accountability Office to be a weak facade that is about to crumble.

ITMFA! It is long overdue. Well, He is the CEO of the U.S., and "We The People" agree, he needs to be Impeached and held accountable for his criminal use of his executive powers.

In other news, did you here about the two toddler boys forced to smoke pot?

I'm sure they were just doing the boys a favor, hoping this would turn them into future presidential hopefuls.



Anonymous said...

Good morning,

Hope you had a good weekend... ;-)

OK I won't be mentioning any TMI words.. I'll spare you... LOL

Who are these people who re-elected him? I know absolutely NOTHING about politics and I just couldn't believe that this guy was going to be President for yet, another 4 years, huh???

About pot, weed is there a difference? I have enough to deal with prescription drugs, I've never touched the illegal stuff.. I'll say like FAB.. I'm a wuss..


Undeniable Liberal said...

There will be no econimc doom because as everybody knows, the economy is strong, Chimpy Mc Fucktard tells us all the time.

Anonymous said...

To be quite honest, I have had people (Canadians) tell me that Bush was re-elected because the economy is strong since they are in... hummmmmmm

mad said...

At the rate we're going, Earth will burn up or float away before the U.S. can go into default. So no worries about the conomy for future generations!

Pam said...

This just pisses me off too!! The short-sightedness of people is just amazing.

I guess the majority of Bush supporters think they will be raptured by then, so it doesn't matter to them. Then there is just the selfishness of people who leave shit for future generations to clean up. They are the same people who leave trash in a movie theater. Let someone else clean up after them.

The "tax cut and spend on credit" conservatives (what a misnomer) will be the death of this country.

BBC said...

Good luck with changing this based system, it's been here for many years.

I'm not sure it will go broke though, it's just all smoke screens it seems to me.

Our monetary system is just figures, not real money. They'll just make new figures to keep things afloat.

It's just a system to keep you working for the masters. Don't be late for work tomorrow now, or they will put it on your evaluation report.

angry ballerina said...

I thought I left a comment on this?! Did you delete it?! ARE YOU ASHAMED OF ME NICK?!