March 17, 2007

Blogging for Peace

Heard about this from My Thinking Spot, who heard of it from Get Your Own.

Click on picture to enlist your blog.


BBC said...

A million blogs, a billion blogs. How much new coverage do they get?

Well, how much?

I went to a peace protest on the streets today, the news media was there. It will be on TV.

Now get off of your blogs and get on the streets and be visible.

A million blogs, with a few readers each, big deal, many millions are still watching TV.

Stand on a street, get on TV. Make a difference.

CBB said...

A million dogs, a billion flogs. How much new coverage do they get?

Well, sow milk?

I went to a peace protest in my mind today, no intelligence was there. It won't be in RV.

Now get off of your heads and get on the beds and be virtual.

A million grogs, with a few drinkers each, big dick, many millions are still humping on TV.

Scream on a street, get high on life. There's a difference.

angry ballerina said...

Interesting wordage nick. "enlist your blog..."

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

1. To engage (persons or a person) for service in the armed forces.
2. To engage the support or cooperation of.
3. To participate actively in a cause or enterprise.

The cause is peace.

Pam said...

Signed my blog up for this too.

BBC needs to get an original post instead of copying and pasting this tired old argument everywhere.

Hill said...

Ditto what Pam said.

Undeniable Liberal said...

I have enlisted too. Glad that BBC doesn't come by my place. I see enough of him elsewhere.

azgoddess said...

hey -- *sad face*

i've had this on my blog for the past few weeks...sigh

glad she's getting to word out!!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

AZ - I guess I pay so much attention to your posts I didn't notice the link over there in the top corner.

It eventually reached me in a roundabout way.

angry ballerina said...

Thanks for the elaboration nick. Oh and Undeniable, be careful what you say, you may get the BBC virus in your blog...

BadTux said...

I'm not sure whether this penguin is "for peace" or not. For example, I'm for finding Osama bin Laden and stringing him up from the nearest lamp post. Does that make me "for peace"? But I am definitely against the Iraq war. It is the wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time and, as one former general put it, "the biggest strategic mistake by any nation since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor". We are killing hundreds of thousands of innocents for... what? Bigger profits for Halliburton? Is that it?

- Badtux the non-peaceful Penguin

BBC said...


Just pop open another fancy beer and enjoy yourself while I alone send money to feed those that are starving to death.

What ever.

BBC said...

Opp's, that Pam may be a different one than the one I was thinking of. You know, the one that loves shoes.

If so, I apologize.

cbb said...

Someone, Anyone, Please pay attention.

Our Savior, the great and powerful BBC, has arrived. Religion from the last sane person on earth.

We haved been saved. Glory Glory Hallelujah. The world will exist another day.

I am not worthy.

Anonymous said...

Some people think pretty highly of themselves.. hahahahaha

I don't have a blog and yeah I would like world peace.

We do have an idealistic outlook on how the world SHOULD be. It was like that in the 60's... too...

I'm not saying that we should stop and just watch the parade go by and do nothing. Some days I'm not optimistic because the world is what it is. Being run by a bunch of people who don't have the people's best interest at heart!

Although we are far better off living here compared to so many other countries.

angry ballerina said...

ccb, will you marry me???