March 10, 2007

OH NO! I'm Wally.

This is Friday's Dilbert comic. Now, I'm depressed (nothing new). I feel just like this. That middle pane of the comic, I have said the same thing, in different ways, many times on this blog.

"I cannot be anyone other than who I am. To wish me to be different, is the same as rejecting me."

People are always telling me that I disappoint them. I drink coffee. I'm balding very fast. I always thought I identified with Dogbert, but now I know, I'm Wally, and a Sociopath.

sociopath - NOUN: One who is affected with a personality disorder marked by antisocial behavior

antisocial - ADJECTIVE: Shunning the society of others; not sociable.

Yeah, OK. I see.

Now, "yell back" and tell me how I disappoint you , then leave me alone. I'll be in sitting in a dark corner rocking back and forth.

(Not Really! My weekends are far too busy for self-pity. Plenty of time sit in the corner being antisocial during the week at work.)



BBC said...

Well, if you don't love who you are, and others don't love who or how you are.

I don't think it is unreasonable of them to ask you to change some.

It's your choice though.

That is a cute cartoon, I'm sure that many lonely people can relate to it.

supergirlest said...

ha! i was totally going to say to save the dark corner rocking back and forth for the work week !!!! :)

i completely disagree with bbc, however - nobody gets to ask you to change. if someone is disappointed by you, how is that all your fault? others have a choice on how they react. always.

choochoo said...

Are people dissapointed 'cause you're balding? Why do your friends have such high expectations of your hair? Is it magic?

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

It's a beautiful sunny day out, I wonder who I can piss off today just because I don't want to be the way they'd like me to BE? hummmmmmm hahahaahhaha who gives a hoot? I sure don't. I'm alone with Honey and there is nothing better than that.

I have been too fat, not sporty enough, too fragile physically, not pretty enough, not into this, not into that, too out spoken or big mouth as some would say, who knows why I'm single, who knows why my father decided he didn't want me... really. Is it my fault? Sure why not... ;-) if it makes you happy... ;-)

Spent the weekend with my sister and her family. wow! nice people but who wants to live in a house full of people? NOT ME.

Who wants to be in charge of making meals, washing dishes, cleaning a house that will be all messed up in 10 minutes and the list goes on... NOT ME

My life is great alone with Honey. I do what I want, when I want..and yeah.. that pisses people off.. hahahahahahaha GOOD!

Have a great day my friend..and please continue being the antisocial/sociopath that you are and that I love like that. Oh! and please do try and piss off and DISAPPOINT as many people as you can... The hell with them!


Oh! by the way.. Life is good!

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - My thoughts exactly.

I disappoint people because I don't live like they want me to live. Well I'm tired of doing what I'm supposed to do, instead of what I feel is the right thing to do. I need to live simply. I seen the way others complicate life, and i don't want a part of that, it doesn't make life better, in fact it makes life worse.

I joke about antisocial traits in me, but I prefer it that way.

Thanks for being a kindred spirit.

Love ya


Blueberry said...

I have an inferiority complex the size of Manhattan. It's one of the only things I'm willing to risk in a "mine's bigger than yours" contest. My mother made no secret of the fact that I wasn't the daughter she wanted, and I'm an only child. So there I am with a load of baggage to last a lifetime.

Wally's a good character. He accepts himself. He's happy. There's nothing wrong with being antisocial, nothing whatsoever.

My Dilbert character is "The World's Smartest Garbageman": "Dilbert's "sanitation engineer" is a mysterious character who has inexplicable knowledge of all subjects from science to philosophy. He shows up occasionally to solve impossibly complex problems for Dilbert or Dogbert." Not smart enough to make a good career decision though.

Pam said...

You are not a sociopath. There's a big difference between being anti-social (or basically an introvert, a loner, etc.) and being a sociopath.

Things that are wrong with this world bother you too much. You have expressed love for your children and (gasp! you are not old enough!) grandchildren on this blog. You clearly adore your pooch.

If you were a sociopath, you would care for no one but yourself.

Blueberry said...

Pam is right, there's a big difference in being anti-social and being a sociopath.

And I hope you don't have your coffee taken away. Coffee is good. I am a stubborn coffee drinker too.

Mitch said...

Hi Nick

I've come back from the relegated - nice cartoon btw.

Acceptance is the key - life happens, shit happens, people happen. Accept and then move on. Cut out what makes you unhappy, don't beat yourself up (there are plenty of others out there who can do the job perfectly!) and maximize the joy.

peace to all

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Hi Mitch

Glad to see you back in our world, Minou, you've been missed.