March 30, 2007

Want Some Candy?

Pam and Blueberry jumped on this story before I could.

Chocolate Jesus angers Catholics - Art work also dubbed "My Sweet Lord"

Thoughts when I read this story:

-- Would a vanilla Jesus be a little less controversial?

-- MMM, A tasty Eucharist this Sunday.

-- Do they have the George Harrison song playing in the background?

-- Any comments from New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin?

-- "Who can take a sunrise, Sprinkle it with dew.... " ♫♫♪

The statue is nude, or "No loincloth" the article states. Can you hear the Christians complaining of "Chocolate Jesus porn"? Who gets his -, uh, nevermind, I can't even believe my mind is going there.

Once, I had this odd shaped Peanut M&M in the image of the Virgin Mary. I think I heard angels singing in the background. I ate the M&M. The angels went quiet.

Hey, I was hungry and I love Peanut M&M's.



Peacechick Mary said...

Just think, people could celebrate Easter by eating the crucified Christ at a picnic, on the lawn of the White House. We could have cuts, special cuts like meat - loin of Christ, etc.

Ziem said...

As an artist, I don't find this offensive at all. I can see why the religous right would. I mean, they are the group that brought us Mark Foley, wars of aggression, refusal to raise min. wage, over 600,000 dead Iraqis.. Yep! I can see why the "moral majority" would be offended by a work of art!

Nancy said...

wow! he actually has a penis, huh

Don't know why, he never used it!

Yeah right.. hahahaha

Hummm wonder which part I'd start eating first?

oh my.. I'm really going straight to hell with the rest of us Catholics who enjoy having fun, who don't always put other people's needs first, who don't turn the other cheek and yeah..don't feel a bit guilty about it.. ;-) wink wink

Pam said...


Your comments are MUCH wittier than mine! AND you found a pic without the penis blurred out. The artist was very, uh, generous in that area ;-).

Blueberry said...

Sooooo... seriously.... when DO we get to eat this delicious treat? Will it be served with wine at a Last Supper? The Edible Christ -- now better-tasting than bread or a wafer.

As for your M&M, you could have made some money on eBay there.

mmmmmm... peanut M&Ms.

angry ballerina said...

I wanna eat Jesus.

BBC said...

Yeah, they would be okay with a vanilla Jesus, and a fig leaf. Those idiots like to think that Jesus was a white guy and modest and didn't play with Mary's boobs, let alone stick his dick in her.

Har, har, har !!!!

charlie said...

Oh, I wish a had a penis made of chocolate,
That is what I truly want to ha-a-ave.
Because if I had a penis made of chocolate
All the girls would be in love with me.

/ *Hey, chocolate man, want a BJ? */

Undeniable Liberal said...

Sweet Jesus, that was funny!

pissed off patricia said...

With a chocolate bunny you eat the ears first. Where do you begin on this?

angry ballerina said...

i'm gonna start on his toes....least i start somewhere else and go to hell.