March 30, 2007

Smell the Love - Making Scents

A few weeks ago I tried to be clever and write about natural discrimination, from a dog's point a view. The post was titled It's Friday - Smell The Love. I thought those who read my posts would realize the point of the post was not about the odors that dogs love, but about how and why we discriminate. I assumed displaying a picture of a flat-coat retriever instead of the goldens I usually use for Friday's posts would send a clear signal. But judging by the comments, that post did not have the effect I intended.

Dogs interact with the world through their nose, humans with their eyes. It is natural for both animals to select mates, discriminate, and judge others by first impression, scent or sight. It is not "wrong" to react negatively to something that is unfamiliar or different from what one already knows. But dogs and humans should be evolved enough to know that first impressions aren't always correct, even positive ones. For humans, the best looking, most sexually appealing, aren't always the best choice for long-term relationships. When we choose by sight only, we will, most likely be dissappointed. There are always exceptions. Humans judge others by the country where their born, their beliefs, the color of their skin, sex appeal, etc, etc, etc, without getting to know the person.

Even with the millions of evolutions of human species, some natural instinct remains, and humans must recognize why they discriminate, and use their evolved intelligence to eliminate the source of so much human suffering.

Friday Fun Dog Link: Sloppy Dog Kisses (E-Cards)

Here is Brinkley getting a sloppy kiss from a supporter.

Happy Birthday, Vincent: Starry Starry Night


BBC said...

If women wasn't so needy and greedy we could get along with them better after the first impression.

Just saying.

I know it's true because I have such a woman living next door to me.

Nancy said...

Good morning!

So glad to have a Friday post!

I have been told by men on dates that I had a few extra pounds to loose, that I wasn't sporty enough, that I must have a problem because I hadn't had a live-in .. hummmmm

Dogs don't judge because they don't have a brain.. nobody has told them what's "supposed to be acceptable" they react to the way they are treated by humans... even if I have a few extra pounds .. the girls couldn't care less.. I treat them well and they give it back to me 100 times more...

Yeah.. I do kiss them on their snouts.. so what.. ;-) to me they smell good...

Thank you for the post.. ;-)

Have a great weekend!


angry ballerina said...

Very insightful nick. I enjoyed this read.

Pam said...

I enjoyed this post too. So much so that I TAGGED you!! Play along if you ant.

Peacechick Mary said...

I'm glad Pam tagged you as I sure did love this post. As a fellow animal lover, especially dogs, I can definitely relate. My dog can detect good traits in people better than I can. If he steers clear of someone, then it's a good idea for me to exit as well.

BBC said...

Dogs love me, most of them, there are some bad dogs on this rock, but I really test humans.

Nancy said...


I thought you would like this one.
Love ya

Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.

Alfred A. Montapert


azgoddess said...

one of my fav guys - his tortured art -- so beautiful!

and one of these days i'm gonna haffta write about the wonders of cats...they are my soliace as your dog is yours