June 1, 2007

One Nation, Under Dog

I was planning on using this slogan "One Nation, Under Dog" as a title to a blog post. (I just did). Before I could jump on it, it comes out as the tagline for a new movie based on the comic book and cartoon superhero Underdog. The fascist metastasizing corporate entertainment rodents at Disney are releasing the movie in August, forever changing the image of Underdog for the next generation of loyal brainwashed thought deficient humans.

Wait, I have a great idea, just in time for release of this movie. Why hadn't I thought about this before; replacing the token insulting deity reference "under god" in our socialist style Pledge of Allegiance, with "Under Dog".

The reference "God" in the pledge is undefined and basically useless, there are many definitions, and everyone has their own opinion. The God reference was added in 1954 as an afterthought years after the pledge's creation (1892).

Dog is not an ambiguous term, there is no confusion when someone talks about their Dog. Let's end the cultural tyranny which has no place in a society based on religious liberty. Changing the reference to "Under Dog" would have a direct commercial application, a movie tie-in, and the Disneyesque type pledge is certain to be approved by our culturally-ignorant media based parental units.

Hell, lets make Disney a religion! It is more commercially spiritual than the old style church type religions. Instead of just passing the plate, we pay admission, then we get entertaining images, a little music and dancing, and get taken for a ride. (Oh wait, churches do take us for a ride, don't they?)

The Church of Disney, with Mickey nailed to a dollar sign. We are saved!

"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here."

So today I use this slogan (see title). Soon catatonic kiddies will start repeating it as their replacement for "WWJD".

(Blasphemy! I must stop now, someone come over and slap me. I'm destined to spend eternity inside Space Mountain, where the bad people go. The good people go to Cinderella's Castle. With lots of little Tinkerbell faerie angels floating around. I do, I do, I do believe in faeries.) STOP IT! STOP IT! - Damn voices! Please make them stop.

/*********** S w i t c h i n g * V o i c e s *************/

The Black Dog has kept me company this week, and I kind of liked his company, I'm getting kind of use to it. In fact, I went out and got some of this special brew to share with my friend. His slogan is "No Whiners".



Anonymous said...

Good morning my friend,

While you're writing over at my place, I'm lurking away here.

I always learn a lot and very entertained! LOL Underdog.. never heard of him. ;-)

Disney as a religion, where do I sign up. My money would be put to good use. Yeah, maybe they do suck in little kids but in a oh so cute way! ;-)

I enjoyed that beer ad. There seems to be honey raspberry, hummm the only way to get me to drink the stuff if it doesn't taste like beer! LOL

You would have enjoyed being over here this week. IT RAINED ALL WEEK AND IT'S FREEZING!!! Your eyes would be nice and clear. ;-)

Have a great weekend!


Peacechick Mary said...

One nation under dog! I am still grinning and laughing over that. The Canadians think I'm a bit funny anyway.

Blueberry said...


I thought that stood for "What Would Jenna Drink?".

heh heh...

angry ballerina said...

I will gladly get on my knees for Johnny Depp.

(Disney ref)

mad said...

And all the badass people go to Pirates of the Carribean.

Mitch said...

Hell, I only went to Space Mountain, never saw the inside of Cinder's castle. Loved the story of Chug.

I thought Disney WAS a religion, well, it's a cult isn't it? In Eurodisney it hit an all time low with the vid of Pluto banging Minnie, or was it Mickey, I forget.

BBC said...

To often you sound like an American that has been brainwashed.

Yeah, I know, you are still working on it.

But God is not a dog. Other than in the sense that a dog is part of God, the living spirit.

Dogs of course are better at loving you than women are so you worship them.

Can't say that I blame you for that.

I'm going to say this one more time. It's one planet under God, not one nation under God. Please try to remember that.

This nation is not special, it has become a piece of shit, an experiment gone wrong.

You just need some good loving, even if only for a while. Tell you what, go find a good hooker.

Not a druggy, but a good hooker. It's cheaper and more rewarding than trying to keep a woman happy these days when they have gotten so needy.

Hang in there.

Evil Spock said...

The Church of Evil Spock will also produce cartoons and theme parks.

Evil Spock is the new Friz Freleng.

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Nancy - We are in synch.

It has gone way past warm here, it is HOT HOT HOT. Or would that be sultry? XOXOXOXOXXXO

Peacechick - Some Canandians are my biggest fans. Give the Calgarians my best.

blueberry - WWJD? Jenna's dad has proclaimed himself the Drinksmaker, so she drinks whatever dad gives her.

Angry - You do know you'd have to fly to France to give Depp a good ole Johnny.

Mad - I see you're already a member of the Disneyists.

Mitch - Hows everything in Johnny Depp Land? I saw the EuroDisney Video, funniest thing I've seen from "Disney" in years.

God - What's that smell?

You made me like this then complain about it, it isn't my choice. I will await the 70 hookers in heaven promised me when I accomplish the mission.

Evil - Hoosierville already has Santa Claus Land, can't get much eviler than that.

Anonymous said...

Correction.. we are in sink! wink

supergirlest said...

LMAO!!!!!!!! this is the best line i've read all year!
The fascist metastasizing corporate entertainment rodents at Disney are releasing the movie in August, forever changing the image of Underdog for the next generation of loyal brainwashed thought deficient humans.

BBC said...

"God - What's that smell?"

Your brain. :-)

You are so damn thick headed that you have never grasped that I keep saying that you are also God.

Like you said.

"This is complete and utter waste of time. With nothing better to do than publish thoughts, pictures and whatever copied, thieved and some originally created ideas to waste your time."

Still, I would love to see you and Nancy get together, in fact I would love to do the marriage.

Really, I would. She has never been married, she is a spoiled brat using her illness as an excuse.

But maybe you can change her. Right, Einstein. ROFLMAO.

Hey, just stating the cold hard facts. Take care.

Anonymous said...

My kidney disease is part of who I am and I'm not going to hide it or apologize for it.

I do indeed spoil myself. I have put myself through school, still paying for it. Should I apologize for that?


Too bad God doesn't see how truly wonderful it is.

Maybe my friends and family love the whole package.

Let's see now. Do you have any contact with your family? hummmm I wonder why? oh yeah.. Because THEY are idiots? Right.

Oh and the people you hang out with is this old woman who takes you out for a meal and the drunks at the bar... no wonder you're such a miserable old sorry of an excuse.....

There I gave you a little bit of attention. That should make you a little happy. See I can think of other people too. ;-)

BBC XOXOXOXOXOXOX You need it you poor thing. I truly and deeply feel sorry for you.

No wonder you have to pay a hooker to get laid!

Pop ARF said...

In Dog We Trust......

Speaking of "one Nation Under Dog"

Here is my painting I just completed with the same title:


About the movie, I think it is going to be grrrrrreat!

Go with Dog!

Nathan Janes