September 21, 2006

Craving Vengeance Part 2

Part 1: Once upon a time.....

Did you think I forgot?

There is no ending. That story just keeps going on and on, as it has been going on for centuries. "the movie never ends, it just goes on and on and on unending...".

Fear is a prison. Vengeance is never just.

When a belief becomes a reason to kill and destroy, that belief is not holy and it is not of G-d. Jews, Christians and Muslims have proven to the world that their "gospel" is anti-spiritual and it the opposite of creation, the opposite of G-d. Creation and evolution of this world and universe, and all else beyond that, is beyond the comprehesion of the limited minds leading todays religion. They need to take my voice's advise from my previous post and destroy their religious identities to save humanity. The U.S. leader, Mr. Bush is your prophosied beast, "Christian" label, but the mark of something evil.

50,000 to 100,000 innocent lives lost in retaliation for 3,000. When does it stop?

It is one thing to be a role model, representing a better way. It is totally different to be a bully, demanding your way.


cathouse teri said...

Please do go, then, and give me your opinion on my recent posts.


Minou said...

Funny, I kept thinking the same thing, the mark of the beast is George dubya, but he looks so. . so . . vacant. Someone must be pulling his strings.