September 17, 2006


Yes, hiking up North was wonderful, it's getting cooler and I love getting out in the early morning, before other annoying humans are out, and just be with nature. Wildlife is still roaming about early in the morning and its the best chance to see them. It's amazing how much tension is released when one gets away from civilization and all the fuss they have to put up with. You tend to do a lot of thinking about what is really important.

"Sunny Day, Sweeping the clouds away......."

Then you come back to read about everything that you missed in the world, and you just want to go back to the woods and hide. The world is still full of shit-throwing human monkeys, and Mr Bush is still their leader. Sigh. Still in this nightmare. The Pope being mis-interpreted by Islamists. No need to insult Islam, they do it just fine themselves, as do Christians and Jews. What a bunch of clowns. No surprise, Bush trying to change the Geneva Convention so that his "interrogations" will be legal. What? Violence in Iraq is getting worse, now they want to build moats around Bagdad (I thought it was a joke, but that is real news, what's next, catapults with flaming bodies, dumping hot oil on enemies?). An alliance is forming against the U.S. , (as expected), and on and on and on goes the human circus........ Thanks Mr Bush, look at this mess.

Monica Lewinsky, we need you to visit the oval office again.

(Sarcasm ON)

Ya'll play nice now, y'hear. Don't hit each other. If I catch anyone hitting someone else I'll beat the crap out of all of you.

Morality, who needs it, just become a Conservative Christian and everything you do is good, you can do no wrong when you become "saved", become born again and you never again have to worry about those pesky teachings of Jesus, after all, he was a bleeding-heart liberal.

(Sarcasm OFF)

I also went and visited a friend this weekend, but I picked a bad time to visit. A football game was on that he "needed" to see. I tried to watch this "game" with him. American football is such a boring waste of time. There was nothing entertaining about it. They play for a few seconds, argue about the play, hold a meeting to decide how to play the next few seconds. They spend more time analyzing and planning then playing. That isn't a sport, that sounds like work. I want to have fun when I play, I want to play the game, i want to get away from the shit I have to put up with at work, the meeting, the planning, blaming people for your mistakes. Then the whole team gets substituted when the ball changes sides? What the hell is that. Can't the same guy play offense and defense? I'll stick to REAL football, you know, soccer, where they spend their time actually playing a game and not talking about playing. It sounds like corporate America came up with the rules to American football. All I know is that Auburn won, but I couldn't tell you which team played better, because I never saw anybody actually playing, because I blink too much. How can anyone find it entertaining? Maybe he doesn't want me visiting him anymore, and thats why he subjected me to the punishment of having to watch this non-sport. OKAY, message received! AND, all he had to drink was that tasteless corporate piss-water beer, I can't tell the difference, its Bud or Miller or Coors or something like that, all the same weak just-get-me-drunk beer. It is an insult to call this beer, I've tasted real beer, it's not even close.

I'm back from the woods, and I see humans in their so-called "environment". What a waste. Damn I whine a lot, don't I?

I'm so glad I'm a freak of nature.


azgoddess said...

it lost my last comment...

so back to square one...

football makes no is an addiction worse than ciggs...and not very much fun, really

and i don't see you as a freak of nature -- more like a child of the universe (desiderata)

BBC said...

I can so relate, but it's nice that you where able to get away for a bit.

Yeah, football, stupid.

BBC said...

She is right you know, child of the universe, just finding your way is all.